Sinema’s Standing Changes Since Leaving Democrat Party

Last year, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema made headlines after leaving the Democrat Party to become an Independent. Sinema stated she never truly felt as though either Democrats or Republicans fully aligned with her own views.

Furthermore, the Arizona congresswoman explained that many residents in her state don’t fall into neat boxes where all their views either totally align with Democrats or the GOP.

In making this change, Sinema was clear that she will still continue to serve the people in her state who elected her. Though new data from Morning Consult show how views of the Arizona congresswoman have changed since she switched from being a Democrat to being an Independent.

What the Data Says

Morning Consult data reveals a major uptick in support from Arizona Independents since she left Democrats, from 29% to now 42%. Sinema also saw a modest gain from Arizona Republicans, who once viewed her favorably at a rate of 38%, but now approve of her to the tune of 43%.

Democrats, on the other hand, have largely turned on the congresswoman since she left their party to become an Independent.

Morning Consult reveals that while 42% of Democrats viewed Sinema in a favorable manner before, since she became an Independent, only 30% of Democrats retain this view.

Sinema’s departure from the Democrat Party came after its members attacked her for not repeatedly toeing the line and doing what they wanted. Nevertheless, the congresswoman’s decision was applauded by Americans who are tired of hyperpartisanship in today’s politics.

A Growing Voter Bloc

As Republicans and Democrats butt heads, some surveys indicate that Independents are subtly yet surely making up more of this nation’s voters.

For instance, some data shows that younger Americans are becoming Independents (rather than Republicans or Democrats) at a high rate than previous generations.

If this pattern continues, Independents are going to have an increasing amount of power to make or break elections for candidates. This means office seekers will have to adjust in order to win over the votes of Independents, rather than exclusively catering to just Republicans or Democrats.

Sinema’s choice to become an Independent could very well be a growing trend as Americans look for real solutions, rather than rabid hyperpartisanship that blocks any sort of progress from taking place.

In the meantime, the Arizona congresswoman is standing by her choice and doing her job each day as an Independent, rather than as a Republican or Democrat.

What do you think about the shift in public perception of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema since she exited the Democrat Party in order to become an Independent? Do you believe this is a trend that will sweep the nation among other voters and potential officeholders?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.