Sickening Story of Democrat Child Abuse Emerges in Pennsylvania

It seems like we can’t go a day in this country without hearing about the Democrat Party abusing kids. From the recently wrapped up Ghislaine Maxwell trial to the sick crimes against children that are happening at CNN, a disturbing pattern is emerging.

The latest news of Democrats harming children comes out of Philadelphia, where an elected Democrat is being charged with horrific crimes against a teen boy.

The alleged incidents happened years ago, but this Democrat finally turned himself in to face punishment after the evidence stacked up.

What are the Charges?

According to the charges, 50-year-old Marvin Smith raped a 15-year-old minor male four years ago. Smith was voted into Philadelphia’s Darby Commissioners committee for the Democrats in 2019.

He’s facing multiple charges relating to the alleged 2017 crime, in which law enforcement says he pulled up in his car and offered the boy a lift. He allegedly lied at the time to the boy, saying he was a friend of his family’s there to pick him up.

According to the charges, Smith then took the teen boy to a nearby area and brutally raped him. He then put him back in his vehicle and left him elsewhere before driving away.

The boy said Smith raped him in the spring of 2019, but it took two years until November of 2021 before an actual arrest warrant got put out for this alleged sick predator.

As of now, Smith is being held on $100,000 bail by the authorities.

Smith’s History of Anti-American Hate

Smith has a history of sharing anti-American hate material.

Not only is he still listed as a Democrat commissioner on his local township site for his neighborhood of Philly, but he also made waves in the past for trying to get cops killed.

In September of 2020, when the nation was being roiled by the George Floyd riots and violent domestic terrorism of BLM and Antifa, Smith went on Facebook. There he shared an image of two black guys pointing weapons at the face of a white cop.

The image asked if it was necessary to threaten the lives of white cops to get them to stop “killing” black people. At the time, Smith got removed from his commissioner job keeping track of the local police department, which is no surprise.

Would you want a local town official watching your back when he shared an image speculating on whether it’s right to murder you?

The Bottom Line

How many more Democrats out there are doing things like Smith? We need to shut down the party until we can figure out what’s going on. Our kids need to be kept safe from predators.

While we’re at it, why did it take so long between the boy filing charges and an arrest warrant being issued? Questions need to be answered.