Shoplifting Out of Control in Blue Zones

Shoplifters are prevailing, creating a great deal of suffering for customers, merchants, and store employees all throughout the country.

Democrats Soft on Crime

When will all of this lunacy stop?

Whenever will Governor Kathy Hochul and New York legislators grasp that the only way to stop the tide is to declare assaults on retail employees a crime straight out of the gate and ensure that those responsible face serious repercussions?

The city’s shops are securing their inventory inside plastic barriers and they are increasing costs, if not completely shutting down for good.

In Chicago, Walgreens will open a shop with merchandise locked securely out of customers’ reach, save for two aisles.

An employee at a Home Depot in North Carolina was really crushed to death by a shoplifter who fled with the stolen goods.

Progressive prosecutors circle around, promising not to pursue the criminals when they argue that stealing is a crime of poverty.

Former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin suggested tackling the fundamental causes of the problem in order to combat it.

Alvin Bragg of Manhattan kept his campaign pledge to be softer on theft from retailers.

Kim Foxx of Chicago drastically lowered the criminal threshold for stealing practically as soon as she took office.

Rachael Rollins, the Boston district attorney until last year, instructed her attorneys not to pursue shoplifters unless their superiors specifically authorized it.

As a consequence, theft from retailers in blue cities has become legal, regardless of how severe it may be or if it is committed by organized crime gangs (an issue made worse by declining police numbers and paradoxical pro-criminal laws)!

Crazy Statistics!

The facts indicate that these are not acts of poverty.

In New York, 327 persons were responsible for around 30% of the 22,000 shoplifting arrests that took place in 2022.

(Identified thefts for 2022, which were north of 63,000, went up 45% from 2021 and roughly 275% from the mid-2000s.)

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.