Shocking News Out of Canada’s COVID Police State

Canada is an example of what America would be if it was fully blue. The Great White North is essentially a fully liberal America, and it’s a nightmare.

The nation is led by a strange goggle-eyed man called Justin Trudeau, whose father Pierre was a communist-loving dictator. Trudeau himself is a far left radical who shut the country down over COVID and controls every aspect of Canadians’ lives.

Canadian citizens can’t even legally leave their own country if they’re unvaccinated. Celebrating holidays or public gatherings are completely forbidden for the unvaxxed.

Now, news is coming out about the Trudeau regime that is shocking even to people who grew up in fully communist nations. Yes, it’s that bad…

Trudeau Has Been Secretly Tracking Canadians

News has just been exposed that the Trudeau regime was secretly tracking 33 million Canadians by their cellphones during the pandemic. They were supposedly doing this to keep people safe during COVID.

The Canadian phone monopoly, Telus, sold the info to the Canadian government so it could track where users went and what they were doing.

The population of Canada is 38 million, which means about 85% of the nation was being directly spied on by Trudeau and his insane police state regime. These statistics appear to basically confirm everyone in Canada with a cellphone was getting tracked by the government.

According to the government, the “urgency” of the spread of COVID justified spying on their citizens and checking what they were doing.

Spying on Citizens to Improve ‘Public Health’

The Trudeau regime, like the Biden regime in the United States, is full of nice-sound rhetoric about its totalitarian policies.

According to Trudeau’s government this was done to improve “public health.” It says the tracking data will continue to be used for years to come to check how diseases spread.

It will also be used to look at national “mental health.” This is quite bizarre. Why is the government of a country analyzing people’s mental health and where they are going each day?

We all know depression, anxiety and suicide have spiked during the pandemic. It just makes it all the more horrible to think of the government tracking and analyzing this when their policies and business-destroying regulations are a big part of the reason people are so depressed!

It’s a sick and incestuous cycle of big government, totalitarian liberalism.

The Bottom Line

We still don’t know exactly how much the US government is spying on us as well. It’s easy to dismiss Canada or Australia as extreme cases, but they’re just examples of what liberals will proudly do in public if they are given enough power.

America needs to be very careful and very clear on what our laws are, at this point. If we don’t stand for our Constitution, we can be sure nobody else will.