Shocking New Poll: Transgenderism is Growing Rapidly in the United States

Most of us agree that your private life is your business; even behaviors and lifestyles we disagree with are not our right to physically intrude on. However, where we draw the line is when people with ideologies we disagree with start trying to harm our kids, take over our school system and put their lifestyle into law. 

When that happens, we get what we have now: a tidal wave of Americans now claiming to be “transgender” and have a “non-binary” identity. Another way to put it: large groups of psychological abuse victims now say that their disorder is their “real” identity. 

Trans Numbers Going Up Rapidly

A new poll from Pew Research found that 42% of American adults know someone who identifies as transgender; although, 25% of these people still don’t agree with using the trans “pronouns” for these trans folks. 

Thankfully, the 56% of Americans polled still believe your gender is the sex you’re born with at birth. How long until believing this is illegal or punishable by fines, censorship or jail time?

Well, we’ve already seen in nations like Canada how not wanting your young kids to transition can lead to jail time. Also, you already get kicked off Twitter and social media for questioning the disturbing trans ideology. None of this is about tolerance or accepting people for who they are. 

It’s 100% about forcing a new cultural communism and hate of families on this nation. It’s about breaking down the mother-child bond, eliminating natural biological reproduction and forcing us into a brave new hell world. 

The trans ideology and encouraging kids to transition is a deeply sick psy-op being pushed on us by globalist social engineers. Deep down we all know that’s true, if we’re honest with ourselves. 

What About the Whole Pronoun Fiasco?

Honestly this whole pronoun thing is absurd. The Pew Poll found that around half of those who know someone trans are still uncomfortable using “they / them” or whatever pronouns. What about “xe / xer” or whatever crap?

We are living in a clown world; if you start agreeing to the rules, you have to leave your dignity at the entrance to the carnival. I highly recommend against it. 

Nobody cares what pronoun you want to be called, but there’s no reason the rest of us should have to start speaking some gibberish language because of your psychological issues. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson got famous off of making this simple point…and the results of the poll are shocking because they show how many people actually are willing to bend reality to fit someone’s own weird imaginary identity. 

Like I said, the crackdown on those who won’t buy into this new “reality” is only going to grow. If this was really about people wanting to be who they believe they are, most of us wouldn’t care. 

However, it’s not about that. It’s about forcing their ideas on all the rest of us…and where I come from, that’s called un-American and unacceptable!