Shocking New Danger of 5G Announced

We’ve heard a lot from our mainstream media about how 5G conspiracies are ridiculous and untrue. However, what we haven’t heard a lot about is there are real concerns about 5G and the various dangers it poses.

One of the main dangers is to the safety of aircraft and operating flights from airports. This latest issue lands right on the lap of incompetent Transportation Secretary, Biden lackey and new dad Pete Buttigieg.

Here’s what’s happening…

Trying to Talk to the Deaf Biden Regime

The Biden regime doesn’t put America first; many members of our country are just praying to survive this term. The heads of Airbus and Boeing are begging Biden to put a pause on expanded 5G systems, saying it could disrupt their aircraft navigation systems.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and experts in the airline industry, the strong radio waves of 5G have the potential to interrupt altimeters in aircraft.

Altimeters are absolutely essential to flight safety, meaning if they get monkeyed with, then flights may have to go out of their way to be safe.

Groups like the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) say the FAA’s worries are groundless and 5G has no danger to interrupt altimeters. However, CTIA is just a lobby group for telecom, so of course, they say whatever will help 5G proliferate.

If 5G does pose problems to flight paths, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of civilian flights that will have to be rerouted and reconsidered if 5G networks expand.

The Bottom Line

The CTIA says the FAA is twisting the facts to try to get more leverage for the airline industry to influence the telecom industry. At this point, there is basically a stand-off, and it’s not completely clear where Buttigieg stands on it.

What we do know is that in comments during his 2020 run for president, Buttigieg said C-band spectrum 5G should be auctioned off and it was important to expand it as much as possible.

Now, critics are saying Buttigieg is being too impressionable to safety concerns, while the other side says he’s not listening enough.

What’s clear is the potential safety issues of 5G and altimeters need to be looked into fully; we can’t allow new safety regulations to throw our whole civilian airlines off track in their deliverance of flights to Americans.

We’ve already spent enough time shut inside during lockdowns and COVID restrictions; the last thing we need is more bad situations that are made worse by an incompetent and tyrannical regime.

Buttigieg needs to take a real look at this issue and provide leadership, not just sit around worshiping Biden and thinking he has a golden pass to do whatever he wants. He’s already made enough of a mess during our logistic crisis.