Shocking Leak Shows Who the FBI is Now Targeting

Project Veritas is one of the few organizations that’s out there working to protect the rights of Americans, instead of taking them away.

Despite an endless array of lawsuits and political persecutions, the group’s exposure of the radical left earned it many fans and the donations keep pouring in. This allows Veritas to do what it does: expose the corruption and anti-American activity going on under the rug.

The latest example, sadly, comes from the FBI itself. Veritas has uncovered a memo showing the FBI’s focus on identifying “extremists.” What’s on the list should make every patriot worried.

FBI On the Lookout For America First Patriots

Of course, news that the Democrat Party and the left have infiltrated the FBI, our military, and other once-strong institutions are nothing new. We know they are going after Trump and after patriots.

The news is just how far the rot extends and how wide the net is.

The FBI is not just looking for people making threats; it’s now got a dragnet out to watch for a number of common patriotic slogans and symbols that this document claims are linked to MVEs (Militia Violent Extremists).

According to the document released by Veritas, which is supposed to be FBI eyes only, there are a number of dangerous symbols that agents should be watching out for, including those who reference the “right to bear arms.”


Under a list of symbols to be careful of are many symbols that are popular among patriots and conservatives, including the yellow Gadsden flag and the Betsy Ross flag of the revolutionary army.

FBI Warns About Crazed Patriot Groups

Worse, the FBI document notes the mention of people like Ashli Babbitt is an immediate red flag. Babbitt, an air force veteran who was gunned down in the halls of the US Capitol while trespassing on January 6, is considered a “martyr” by MVEs, the FBI memo notes.

They also go on to note that MVEs may reference the massacre at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

Those using the phrase “I Will Not Comply” are also offshoots of MVE groups and mentalities, according to the FBI.

Is Ben Shapiro now the ringleader of a violent militia? I missed that news. This is getting truly bizarre in ways that would be impossible to comprehend even five years ago.

The FBI is basically broadening the net of what an “extremist” is to such an extent that they could arrest any person, any time, for any reason.

The Bottom Line

The use of a Gadsden flag or pride in the Revolutionary War does not make you an extremist, nor dangerous.

Trying to link regular law-abiding patriots with MVEs is a sick game with the clear objective of steadily outlawing the American conservative, as a whole.