SHOCK: Biden’s Open Border Is Exposing America To Dangerous Militants

Over six million illegal aliens have been apprehended at the southern border since Joe Biden became president in 2021. This horrific national disaster hasn’t just been a strain on the US economy and social services.

It’s also introduced enormous danger into the homeland in the form of unknown individuals including terrorists entering the United States. How do we know?

There have already been 140 terrorist watchlist individuals caught this year trying to get in this year alone. Yes, seriously.

Those Are Just The Ones Being Caught…

We know that Homeland Security now is using the ONE app for illegals to set up asylum and risk hearings once they arrive and avoid the line.

We also know that plenty of people who want to harm America have fake IDs and know ways around any type of laws to identify them.

Despite that, over 140 have been nabbed this year trying to get inside the country who are on terror watchlists. If these are the militants who have been caught, what about those who haven’t?

Are they forming sleeper cells, networking with other extremists, plotting in ways we’re unaware of? How is this even remotely OK?

The Ugly Truth

Former acting commissioner for US Border Patrol Mark Morgan is telling the ugly truth here, admitting the “next terrorist attack” could be being planned right now with these people.

Yet, as he points out, we “wouldn’t know,” since the border has become so porous and the excuses so copious that we just don’t have a firm handle on who’s going in or out.

DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas may have some nice excuses for that and his fancy new app, but the bottom line threat to national security continues and is getting worse by the day.

The 2024 election can’t come soon enough. When Republicans are back in power, there needs to be a full investigation of this treason.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.