Shock Announcement from Tucker: NSA is Spying on Him

Tucker Carlson is probably the most influential conservative voice in America. 

He raises big issues, gets us to think of the news in new ways, and breaks stories that might otherwise get ignored. 

So his announcement on Monday’s show shouldn’t really come as a surprise. 

However, it still does because it shows how far this country has fallen under the liberal regime. 

According to Tucker, the NSA is spying on him and his show’s communications because they want to get his show “off the air.”

Does Tucker Have Proof?

According to Tucker, he was warned by an FBI insider in a position to know. Although he didn’t believe at first, Tucker says what convinced him was knowledge this person has. 

The whistleblower told Tucker “information regarding a story that is in the works; it would have been impossible to know about this without monitoring the private emails, texts and communications of Tucker himself. 

Being actively monitored by the NSA is no small problem. Assuming it is real, this is a huge leap forward into a totalitarian, progressive police state. 

How sure is Tucker that this is happening?

He said it is “definitely” true. 

‘This is Scary’

Tucker said that being tracked by the NSA is “scary” and that it needs to be stopped. 

Remember when former CIA director John Brennan said all those involved in Jan. 6 and pro-Trump groups were being tracked by the intelligence community with “a laser-like focus” and bragged about it?

This woke leftist spook was talking about something real, not just shooting off his mouth. 

For the Deep State establishment, Tucker is the ultimate pro-MAGA, conservative voice. The idea that they would try to bring him down is 100% believable. 

That’s especially true since Tucker has been exposing the FBI informants and spooks who were inside the mob and possibly incited the worst acts and violence of the day. 

If that turned out to be true it could take apart the whole Democrat narrative and the Biden administration’s little crusade would be exposed. Therefore, it makes sense they are going after the truth teller. 

Tucker in the Crosshairs

Tucker Carlson may come from a rich family (and he may have said things which offend some liberals), but there’s just no way to deny that he’s a brave man who loves this country. 

He doesn’t have to put himself out in front like this. He could just relax with his wife and family. 

Yet, he goes out night after night to tell this country what’s happening because he wants to save it. 

He now says the NSA is trying to get information or a scandal to end his show forever…. and we should take him seriously.

Statist power backing up progressive extremism is a very dangerous combination, as we are finding out.