Senator Ted Cruz Has a Warning For America

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is doing his best to make a red wave happen. He’s been going across the country giving speeches in support of GOP candidates, trying to get them in office in the fast-approaching midterm elections.

Most recently, Cruz and his dad, Rafael, rallied on behalf of Yesli Vega, who’s running for the House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th District against incumbent Abigail Spanberger.

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Cruz and his dad pointed out Vega’s qualifications and patriotic credentials, but also made some dark warnings about America’s future if the midterms don’t bring a conservative renewal.

Ted Cruz’s Dad Issues Dark Prophecy

Speaking at the Vega rally, along with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, Cruz’s dad, Rafael, made a dark prediction for the future.

He said if Republicans don’t win the election, then America will be “destroyed” and the next presidential election won’t even take place.

Saying these midterms are a “line” that will determine the future, Cruz’s pastor dad slammed “Marxists” on the Democratic left, saying they will end democracy and America as we know it if they hold onto power for two more years.

Rafael also threw in a joke, saying it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to ride home to San Francisco on her “broom.” At this point, Cruz may indeed end up running in 2024 and so could Youngkin. Though the two rallied on behalf of Vega without any clashes.

While Youngkin talked in a more typical political way about the problems with Democrats, Cruz came out swinging, saying Joe Biden is crashing the economy and leaving American families behind.

At one point, Cruz even joked inflation is so bad Hunter Biden can no longer afford crack pipes.

Vega Vows to Flip the 7th

Promising to flip VA’s 7th district red, Vega said “God” wants her to win and she is standing up for the family and America.

Vega said the Democrat Party is trying to destroy the family; both her parents were at the rally cheering her on. They are immigrants from El Salvador who came to the United States for a better life.

As a Hispanic conservative, Vega is joined by other rising stars in the GOP, including Mayra Flores down in Texas. As a former cop, Vega stands for law and order at exactly the time Democrats are trying to go soft-on-crime.

Speaking in support of Vega, Youngkin went so far as to call her a “hero” for her work upholding the law.

Is Rafael Cruz Right?

If Democrats stay in control of Congress, then the outlook is not bright. While saying America would be done if this happens may be a bit of an exaggeration, Rafael is on the right track with this prophecy.

The GOP is up against a very determined enemy. They’ll need every America First candidate from Vega all the way up to ensure we can start to turn things around.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.