Senator Rick Scott Addresses the Growing Issue of Chinese Police in US

After it was recently discovered that the Chinese Communist Party is commanding several police stations in the US, Senator Rick Scott called on the FBI to launch an investigation into the matter.

He did this by sending a letter to Christopher Wray, the agency’s director, in which he demanded that Wray looks into the disturbing reports of the CCP running illegal operations inside our country.

Chinese Police continue performing operations on US soil

The info was revealed by NGO Safeguard Defenders, who were the first to come across evidence of Chinese communists having ties to illegal police stations across 53 countries of the world.

They used this police force to harass and abduct any critics of the CCP, dragging them back to mainland China where they would face prosecution.

Scott added the data shows there are 102 known police service centers under their control worldwide, one of which is in New York City. Naturally, this highly illegal operation was set up under the pretense of it being a way to aid Chinese nationals with any travel documents and paperwork.

What was actually happening is the CCP deployed police operations to track down and return CCP critics back to the country.

On top of being a violation of the Chinese nationals’ rights, these operations also violate the sovereignty of the United States and are a major threat to national security.

CCP denies any relation to policing operations

The letter Scott sent to Wray was a direct call for a crackdown on these illegal police stations. The Florida senator asked that both local and state law enforcement agencies be notified of these CCP-related groups in the US.

Additionally, he pleaded with the FBI to work together with the State Department and publish a public list of all the countries and locations where the CCP is running similar operations.

This way, Americans will have detailed information on where they’re planning on traveling and may be able to avoid getting harassed by communists behind this global-scale policing operation.

Scott added that the least the American people deserve is full transparency and that much can be provided.

However, despite all the evidence pointing at this being their work, the CCP has denied having any connection to these police stations, claiming it to be an elaborate hoax to ruin their standing among the Chinese people.

Last year in November, the CCP issued a statement regarding the claims on CNN, saying they hope these “lies” will not spread any further and the pretext itself is unacceptable.

Instead of owning up to it and admitting they’re running police stations, the CCP claimed them to be administrative hubs, created with the intention of helping overseas Chinese nationals with documentation and paperwork.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.