Senator Rand Paul Sounds the Alarm on Biden Regime’s Growing Tyranny

Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul is a tireless champion for liberty who walks the walk. This guy isn’t just full of cheap words; he’s been attacked for his beliefs numerous times.

In June 2017, while practicing at the congressional baseball game, Paul and other members of Congress came under heavy fire from a lunatic far-leftist Bernie Bro who wanted to kill conservatives and centrists.

GOP Representative Steve Scalise was shot badly and helped to safety by Paul, later having to sit in a wheelchair. Although, he became an even stronger advocate for Second Amendment rights.

In the aftermath, Paul warned about the growing threat from the radical left. Months later, in November, Paul was assaulted by his neighbor in Kentucky and had severe injuries, including a collapsed lung that took months to recover from.

The point here is Senator Rand Paul knows about just how dangerous the left can be. That’s why his latest warning should shake you to your core.

Paul Sounds the Alarm: Federal Government Wants to Harm You

The recent decision of the government to crack down on parents at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists is part of what has Paul very concerned. He said it is now time to openly fear government and realize they have crossed the line from being overbearing to being openly violent and tyrannical.

During a recent interview, Paul specified his warning, saying the decision by Attorney General Merrick Garland to get the FBI to go after angry parents at school boards is a development that should “appall” all of us.

The government has become a tool to find and punish those you hate; that means it’s only a matter of time until they are used more and more against the main target: conservatives and Christians.

Senator Paul knows all about this, warning on multiple occasions against the horrible medical tyranny which is gripping America.

The Left Has Become Openly Dictatorial

As Paul noted, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) allows secret warrants to be handed out to go after foreign threats; yet, this was used by the left to undermine and harm the Trump campaign.

When this was exposed, the liberal media and Democrats acted like it was no big deal they committed treason and broke extremely vital laws. As Paul pointed out, it is a very big deal. In fact, he’s now advising parents and others to be very careful what they do and to be “afraid” of the feds.

This is no longer just about making yourself heard; it’s about realizing that your life could be negatively impacted for speaking your mind about your child’s future. Like so many Americans, it’s time to pull our kids out of public school and put them in private or Christian schools if possible.

Although it’s “sad” we now truly do have to be afraid of our government, Paul added it’s just a reality. If you go to school board meetings and get angry or say very controversial things, you will be put on a list.

What happens eventually is only going to get worse, and Paul is warning people this is no drill. The government wants your kids, your land, your money, and your mind. If you don’t give it to them, they resort to worse and worse tactics.