Senator Rand Paul Has a Must-Hear Message for All Freedom-Loving Americans

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been a leading voice in the fight against COVID tyranny. As a medical doctor, Paul has refused to bend his knee to the unscientific dictatorship that’s taking hold of this country and trying to shove globalism down our throats.

Paul has called out the lies of Dr. Fauci, stood up to the idiotic rules of the Biden regime, and used his power as a senator to support our Constitution. Paul even recommended Fauci to the DOJ for criminal charges for Fauci’s lies to Congress.

Now Dr. Paul is out with a statement that has Fauci and the white coats shaking in their boots. Paul is done playing nice.

Paul Calls for Group Resistance

Paul urged all Americans to band together and stand up to the freedom-hating rules of the Biden regime. In a video taped statement aired on Fox, Paul urged us to resist the “petty tyrants” who want to force us back into lockdowns, keep our children out of class, and force us to get their vaccines and wear masks.

“Say no,” Paul advised, noting that they can’t put us all in jail. Paul also called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s threatened to fine or arrest those who don’t wear masks in Congress.

Paul told her that they will not comply and that her “drunk-with-power” leadership is not something he or his staff respect. Can you start to feel the American spirit rising back up with every word?

Liberals mocked Paul of course, threatening him and saying he should be physically assaulted. The man below refers to the near-fatal attack on Paul in early 2018 when he suffered a collapsed lung and almost died. In case you didn’t realize it yet, the far left hates you and literally wants you to die.

Rand Paul Tramples the ‘Anti-Science’ Biden Regime

Paul goes on in his video statement to slam the “anti-science” Biden regime; Paul furthermore said he will cut funding to any attempt from Biden to pay federal workers while closing their in-person jobs. That’s what I call playing hardball!

Paul also said that kids need to have the right to go back to school and that they’ve been “physically and psychologically” hurt by the policies of Fauci and the Biden regime.

Paul is a graduate of one of the top medical schools in the country; he is also an eye surgeon who’s worked all over in emergency and other areas of medicine. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s absolutely sick of power-mad bureaucrats trying to run our lives.

As Paul says, more and more people are coming up to him everywhere in agreement. If you feel like Senator Paul is right, trust me, you are not alone!