Senator Mitch McConnell Issues Warning: Get the COVID Shot or More Lockdowns Are Coming

Senator Mitch McConnell is a Republican insider. He’s the definition of the establishment and is also close personal friends with President Biden. McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, comes from a family of Chinese shipping tycoons with links to Communist China; meanwhile, McConnell himself is involved in all sorts of questionable deals. 

Now this GOP establishment individual is coming out with a warning about COVID: Get your shot or face more lockdowns this fall. 

McConnell Blasts Those Who Don’t Get Vaccine

Currently, around 56% of Americans have received the COVID vaccine. McConnell said it “never occurred” to him that Americans might be hesitant to get a vaccine. He said that those who aren’t getting it are ungrateful for what’s been accomplished in developing a vaccine “in under one year.”

He also added that as someone who suffered from polio (and knowing it took 70 years to develop a good polio vaccine), he is focused on everyone getting this shot “as [soon] as possible.” 

McConnell said if we don’t all get the shot as soon as possible, we will be looking at another fall and winter of harsh restrictions and lockdowns. The lockdowns of 2020 crushed small businesses, ruined kids’ childhoods and saw skyrocketing domestic abuse, suicide, depression, and drug use. 

At this point, it’s fair to ask: is McConnell just expressing his concerns or is this a threat?

CDC Claims Almost All Deaths Are Among Unvaccinated

The CDC led by Rochelle Walensky recently claimed that 99.5% of all COVID deaths were among the unvaccinated. It later turned out this was, of course, false. This was actually just data in the two states where vaccines are having the highest effectiveness; it is not true at all for the whole country. 

Fauci’s office also lied and regurgitated this number, later admitting they had “misspoken.” As for McConnell, he basically said that unless we want to head back into lockdowns and an awful winter, we need to get the shot. 

He also said that taxing and spending are just going to keep ramping up in a vicious cycle unless we get the shot. 

Rand Paul Disagrees With McConnell

Rand Paul, despite being from the same state as McConnell, doesn’t see it the same way. He’s said he’s not getting the COVID shot and that having already had the virus provides immunity. 

Paul has told Biden and other members of the administration to lay off the “pressuring” on the vaccine and calm down. The Kentucky GOP senator also said that the information itself and statistics should be enough to convince people and they can make their own health decisions. 

What do you feel about this situation? Is Rand Paul correct? Or is Mitch McConnell on the right track in pressuring everyone to get the shot, saying we’ll have another lockdown if we don’t?