Senator Lindsay Graham Has Surprising Reaction to Biden’s SCOTUS Pick

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina is more known for being a close friend and ally of the late Senator John McCain than for being a conservative Republican.

Although he started out being against President Trump and the MAGA movement, Graham came around and threw his support behind it in the end.

However, he also does politics a little bit differently than the new national populist conservatives in the Senate.

Nowhere is this clearer than in Graham’s reaction to the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Graham Says He’ll Vote Yes on a Qualified Nominee

Graham made waves recently when he said he’s willing to vote yes on any qualified liberal nominee put forward by Biden. This is part of an old-fashioned belief by people like Graham that you need to have fair play in government to keep the process functioning.

His point is basically if Republicans try to hold up a Biden pick, then they don’t deserve any better treatment when the shoe is on the other foot.

Maybe Graham is forgetting the Democrats’ behavior that’s already happened numerous times when a conservative was nominated to be on SCOTUS: endless lies, opposition, and hysterical protests.

Then again, maybe Graham is just a cynical opportunist who wants to curry favor with whoever he can and play both sides. That’s certainly how it appears when you take a good long look at his political career.

Graham Praises Liberal SCOTUS Option

Specifically, Graham has been heaping praise on a liberal SCOTUS option who’s also a black woman: district Justice Michelle Childs of South Carolina. She is far from a frontrunner for the seat, but she is a black woman and she is on the left.

Praising Childs’ jurisprudence and record, Graham rejected the idea that Biden is engaging in “affirmative action” or being trivial in promising the seat to a black woman. He said this isn’t about sticking someone on SCOTUS who doesn’t know the law.

It’s about picking a highly qualified candidate who also fits an identity criteria, in the same way President Reagan said he would put a woman on SCOTUS in the past.

That’s according to Graham, anyway. The reality is Biden’s promise eliminates hundreds of qualified candidates based on their ethnic background and skin tone.

If we’re talking “discrimination,” then keep in mind that Biden said he will not nominate a Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Pacific Islander for the SCOTUS seat, only a black woman.

How do these ethnic groups feel for being “discriminated” against by Biden?

The Bottom Line

Lindsay Graham is a squishy RINO at heart. He may have cozied up to Trump and MAGA, but we all see his true colors.

This is no time to put a far-leftist through for SCOTUS, no matter what color they are.