Seattle Police Department Loses Hundreds of Officers Over Vaccine Mandate

There’s a high cost to living in a blue city like Seattle; the people in charge of you care more about their radical left beliefs than the people in their city.

What’s happening in Seattle is very serious, because the mayor’s insane attachment to forcing all police to get vaccinated has led to a huge amount quitting and leaving the department.

There’s no way this is going to turn out well for the city of Seattle, which is already experiencing big crime surges like other blue cities across the country.

10% of the Seattle Police Force Just Got Sacked

Due to the vaccine mandate of Mayor Jenny Durkan, 10% of the Seattle police force are now out of a job. Numerically, that’s about 400 officers who won’t be protecting the streets anymore.

Durkan set a deadline of October 18 for everyone to get vaccinated; when that date came and went, over 400 still hadn’t turned in their paperwork. Now, Seattle is even less safe than it already was.

Since that time, 300 have been “resolved,” but that leaves 100 officers now off active duty. With homelessness all over and a soaring crime rate, that’s very bad news for people who live in Seattle, particularly around the unstable downtown core.

However, for people like Durkan, her own ideological beliefs are more important than the safety of her city.

It’s not just police who don’t agree with the vaccine who refused to give their proof of vaccination. It also includes those who felt Durkan is misusing her position and trying to force them to comply with an unfair ruling.

Durkan and Police Claim Only Six Were Fired

In typical form, the Democrats are claiming this is no big deal and only six officers have been fired. At this point, more than 100 Seattle cops were taken off the job for not getting the vaccine.

However, they were listed as not “available,” rather than fired, in order to lie about how many didn’t get vaccinated.

It looks like the police department and Durkan will be doing something similar here: categorizing police as not available, but still technically working, in order to avoid having to admit so many lost their jobs.

Still, the situation on the streets of Seattle will remain the same; only cops who get their shots will ever be on patrol again, so it’s the same thing as them being fired.

Prior to Durkan forcing the issue, there were 1,048 active duty cops in Seattle’s department; now there are far fewer active-duty police and that’s very bad news.

Seattle’s Surging Crime Wave

Seattle currently has an awful crime wave going on; this is the worst time possible for them to be having hundreds of cops taken off active duty.

Last year, Seattle had its highest murder rate in 25 years and this year is even worse. Having 100 fewer officers on the job is an awful thing for the people of Seattle.