Seattle and Denver Antifa Go Berserk

Antifa Sticker by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Joe Biden might be president, but Antifa is still Antifa.

And for those who didn’t get the message, Antifa are radical left anarcho-communist extremists. They aren’t “liberal,” in fact they hate liberals and even most leftists for not being far left enough. 

It turns out that sometimes when you unleash a beast and let it run wild to hurt your enemies it eventually comes back to smash you in the face too, and the Democrats are now having that lesson served to them firsthand.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler found it out after getting smacked around a couple of weeks ago when out on a date at a restaurant, and now the left as a whole will find that out. Wheeler tried to play nice with Antifa last summer, bowing to their demands and apologizing for the police doing their jobs and turning down President Trump’s offer of federal troops. Then he got humiliated and smacked anyway.

‘F*** Biden!’

Screaming Antifa mobs stormed through Portland, Seattle and Denver following Biden taking office, shouting “F*** Trump, f*** Biden too, they don’t give a f*** about you.”

Hey, it rhymes.

The mob made its way to the location of the first Starbucks in Seattle – which was opened in 1971 – and started smashing it up, and also did the same to Democratic party headquarters in Portland.

Hundreds of Antifa sprayed graffiti all over and burned American flags, while police moved in to make three arrests.

The reason Seattle Antifa went after Starbucks isn’t just random. Ever since the 1999 protests and riots during the World Trade Organization talks, Starbucks has been a powerful example of the global capitalism and corporate power that Antifa hates.

The fact that global capitalism and corporate power has backed Antifa and BLM may confuse some, but it starts being less confusing when you consider that they did that to demoralize and scare conservatives into compliance and also to let their monsters run wild and smash up small businesses and move closer to their monopolistic Big Tech future run by Amazon and Apple.

I believe the word Trotsky used for people like Antifa is “useful idiots.”

smash fascism by aestheticsofcrisis is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Antifa Uprising?

Antifa creatures found enough time to leave mom’s basement in other cities as well, marching and smashing around Denver, Sacramento and other cities.

In Denver a group of violent Antifa infiltrated a larger peaceful BLM and left wing protest and started fights with people including a freelance journalist and a pro-life preacher from Kansas. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Antifa zeroes in on anyone pro-life since they are a death cult who hates freedom and life and wants everyone part of their insane multi-gender communal anarchist society.

Look how well that worked out in the Antifa “independent” CHAZ zone in Seattle last year. In no time at all the pathetic losers were whining to local cops and first responders about not coming quickly enough in an ambulance when somebody was hurt and the entire scene devolved into violence and infighting.

These aren’t serious people but they are a serious danger. If Biden steps up and crushes Antifa there’s no doubt that his popularity will get a boost and he may get political cover from the mainstream media that would have gone berserk if Trump had cracked down on Antifa.

At the end of the day Antifa is really a symptom of a disease:

They’re a symptom of this collapsing economy and social system, of the destruction of the family and gender roles, of the widespread use of drugs, of perversion and sexual degeneracy and of young men and women growing up without role models.

Antifa needs to be defeated 100%, but those who promoted and created them through the media and social engineering are 100 times worse.