Sarah Palin Reveals Her Strategy for Winning a Seat in Congress

The news that Sarah Palin is running for Congress has many conservatives pretty excited. Palin is a dynamic and energetic patriot who focuses on solutions and loves this country.

In the past, Palin was one of the first people to really break through the political establishment. She was a patriot for the people, not just donors and backroom dealers.

Running as a congresswoman to represent Alaska is a big step; with 36 competitors, it won’t be easy, although Palin has more name recognition than anyone else.

Now, she’s revealing her strategy for victory and talking more about her life in Alaska.

Palin’s Plan

Every day, Palin helps her youngest kid, Trig, get ready and go to his special school where they can look after his needs with Down Syndrome. Then, she goes home and works hard on her campaign.

At 58-years-old, Palin will be running to fill the shoes of representative Don Young, who passed away last month after a long career in the House of Representatives.

The liberal media is already saying Palin isn’t very popular anymore and nobody cares. Though the fact they’re trying to bring her down in places like the Washington Post is proof that she has a very good chance of winning.

Just as they did with President Trump, the media wants to paint her as a joke and an outsider with no chance. We all know what happened to those lies in 2016.

Palin says she’s not worried about it. She told the NY Post her three decades of experience in political office, including cutting corruption in the state of Alaska, is not something people have forgotten about.

She’s correct; that kind of know-how is exactly what this country needs more of right now.

Shaking the Establishment

Palin in Congress would be a big deal. She knows how to get a reaction and she is somebody the liberal media loves to hate.

American patriots from coast to coast want this woman in office and she made a huge name for herself because she has no filter and she has guts.

With Joe Biden’s senile leadership and the country teetering on the brink with inflation and an open border, we need more of Palin’s no-nonsense style in our government.

Keep in mind that Palin made her announcement on April 1, a tip of the hat to April Fool’s Day most likely, and a follow up to serving the fake New York Times with a massive lawsuit for lying about her.

The NYT tried to blame Palin for inciting a shooting, but turned out to have been intentionally lying.

Trump already reached out to Palin and reportedly asked if she can “imagine” the two of them back in government. Many of us can imagine it, and we can’t wait.