San Francisco’s Got a Big Problem on Its Hands

San Francisco is one of America’s iconic cities. 

Love it or hate it, many of us would recognize the Golden Gate Bridge in a film or a photograph. 

However, this ultra liberal city of “love” has a problem on its hands. The crime, rampant homelessness and sinking standard of life has left many city residents wanting to leave…and the numbers will shock you. 

New Poll: 40% of SF Residents Plan to Leave

A new poll of various SF residents done by the city’s Chamber of Commerce had alarming results. 

Of the 500 individuals polled randomly from all walks of life and all areas of the city, 40% said they plan to leave when possible. 

For most, this meant in the next year or two. 

The rest of the answers in the poll were just as disturbing; 80% said crime has risen in their area and 90% said the homelessness problem in SF has only gotten worse as well. 

As for overall quality of life? A whopping 75% said it’s become noticeably worse in this last year. 

SF, CA: A City for the Homeless

There are a minimum estimated 10,000 homeless people in SF; tent cities and used needles litter the streets. There are also areas right next to downtown where people go to the bathroom on the sidewalk. 

Meanwhile, crime has gotten so bad that police and private security in stores are not legally permitted to arrest anyone for theft under $950. 

That’s thanks to a bylaw from the city council’s ultra leftist members, which is helping crime spike up even higher. 

It seems like if 40% of residents plan to leave, maybe the best option is just to admit the obvious and turn SF over fully to the homeless. 

This can be their utopia and their kingdom. 

SF’s Slide into Anarchy

San Francisco was once a respected American city. Then, during the counterculture movement of the 1960s, it became a haven for drugs, “free love” and weird cults. 

The breakdown of family caused by the hippie movement led to what we have today: drug-infested dens of corruption, crime and homelessness with prices soaring to the sky, all enabled by the extremist Democrat ideology which wants people to fail. 

No wonder people want to leave. 

Would you want to stay in a city where the police are required to literally let shoplifters steal and where mentally ill drug users roam the streets screaming constantly or overdosing on the sidewalks?

San Francisco is done. As tempted as some of us may be to joke about it, the truth is that many other blue cities are on their way to becoming San Francisco as well. 

Here’s the issue:

If all the liberals leave blue state cities and just move to red states, our way of life in red states is going to decline and our politics are going to suffer.

This dilemma leaves only one solution: welcoming in anyone to red states who’s willing to be deprogrammed from the Democrat cult.