Russian Spy Busted Working Hand-in-Hand With Far Left

Under the Trump presidency, we heard a lot from the mainstream news about how Trump and his inner circle were working with Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

However, if you want to find a real conspiracy and Russian spy, check out this next story about a Russian asset who infiltrated America’s black nationalist movement.

Meet Alex Ionov

Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov is a Russian spy who has been working for years to interfere in American elections and political movements. Unlike the spies of MSNBC’s fantasies, Ionov is very much real.

The Department of Justice issued a press release regarding Ionov, which noted several important pieces of information about the young man. He has now been indicted on an avalanche of charges with ample evidence behind them.

Firstly, he was working at the behest of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service), which is essentially Russia’s version of the FBI.

Secondly, Ionov had successfully wormed his way into positions of influence in three large American activist groups in Georgia, California, and Florida.

We now know that the Florida group is the Uhuru Black nationalist movement, which is an offshoot of the African People’s Socialist Party.

While openly telling them he worked with Russia and was friendly to its race-based, socialist aims, Ionov helped broker various conversations between the far left group and Russian political leaders.

He had been aiding Uhuru since 2015.

Uhuru Responds Defiantly

According to DOJ, Ionov’s involvement with Uhuru was significant and large. He and Russia actively used it to sow division in the US and make America out to be a racist, neocolonial power.

Uhuru leader Eritha ‘Akile’ Cainion also made numerous pro-Russia statements, saying evil colonial nations had been “collaborating” to destroy Russia since the 1900s.

This is a well-known Russophilia conspiracy theory that Ionov had obviously repackaged for his black friends.

When confronted, Cainion said she can like whoever she wants and will continue to stand up against anti-Russian “propaganda.” That’s absolutely her right.

Working with an agent of the Russian Federation, however, is not her right. It’s actually potentially a crime, depending on how much she was aware of her involvement.

Who Else Did Ionov Infiltrate?

According to the DOJ, Ionov also infiltrated an unnamed group in California that wanted independence for the state under a leftist, socialist revolution.

This included helping give money to the leftists to stage huge protests outside the state capitol in Sacramento. What was that about the J6 insurrection again?

In addition, Ionov reportedly infiltrated and influenced a far-left political group based in Atlanta, Georgia, called the Black Hammer party.

This anti-white, racist “black workers'” party was, among other things, funded by Ionov to travel from Atlanta to San Francisco to protest against Twitter for its restrictions on pro-Russian opinions on the Ukraine war.

That’s right: no giant right-wing conspiracy, but plenty of quite disturbing little leftist conspiracies all over the place. I’ll be following this case…

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.