Russia is Attacking a Dangerous New Target in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has now been raging for more than two months. Russia failed to secure its main objective of taking over the capital of Kiev, but they are far from defeated.

New recruits and cannon fodder are pouring in, as Russia trains its sights on a new target: the port city of Odessa.

Here’s why Russia wants Odessa so badly and what they’re doing to get it…

Target: Odessa

Russia is laser-focused on taking the city of Odessa. It just finished commemorating its victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two during Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, but Putin didn’t talk about Ukraine.

The reason is the war is not going well. The war crimes and brutal behavior of many Russian troops have been exposed for the world to see. Destroyed schools, homeless refugees, rape, and murder are being seen on a daily basis.

Putin wants to turn a corner in this war and make real progress. The attempts to pull away from Kiev and focus on the east have gone nowhere. They are not leading to real gains, just tragic deaths in the mud.

That’s why Russia is now focused on the critical port city of Odessa, which would be a staging ground for a much larger assault on Kiev if they can take it.

Currently, Odessa is being shelled heavily and cruise missiles are hitting critical infrastructure points.

Will Odessa Surrender?

As of now, the city of Odessa is not giving in to the Russian assaults; although we will have to watch in the coming days.

Odessa is a crucial port on the Black Sea; having it in their grasp would allow Russia to move in a huge naval presence and begin offloading massive amounts of troops and equipment.

In the east of the country, the city of Mariupol is also being pushed to its limit. Azov fighters inside a steel plant continue fighting off the Russians. They may well have to fight to the death.

America keeps sending more money and weapons to Ukraine. Finland and Sweden are trying to join NATO, which would also enrage Russia.

Putin has said he will drop nuclear bombs on Europe if that happens, but it remains to be seen if he’s actually going to take such a dramatic step.

The expansion of NATO is one of the main reasons Putin gave for his invasion of Ukraine, which he calls a “special operation.”

He also claimed he invaded because Ukraine was planning a massive attack on Russian-held Crimea and on the eastern separatist regions of the country where pro-Russian people live.

The Bottom Line

Ukraine is still fighting for its life. How far is Russia going to take this?