Russia Commits Unspeakable War Crime in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine started about six weeks ago.

Since that time, many people’s lives have been lost and ruined forever. Tragically, this includes many innocent children and over three million refugees who can no longer live in their homes.

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has been a disaster for everyone involved, especially Russia, which has now lost over 20,000 troops and millions in military equipment.

As the war rages on, the war crimes of Russia have also shocked the world. The massacre in Bucha saw over 300 civilians executed and shot down, apparently by Russian forces. They denied it and said it was staged.

Now, a Russian missile has struck a crowded train station in the city of Kramatorsk, killing over 50 people and injuring hundreds more.

‘For the Children’

A missile hit a crowded train station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, killing over 50 individuals including many kids.

Over 100 are injured, many without arms and legs. Video from the scene shows screaming people as they scramble to save anyone they can and get the maimed to a hospital.

The Russian missile which hit the rail station had the words “for the children” written on the side in Russian. The rocket remains were found next to the train station, which was the main location for getting refugees out of the way of harm from Russia’s attacks.

There were almost 4,000 people at the rail station who were trying to get away from the war. They just wanted to survive and have a chance at life outside of Vladimir Putin’s aggressive attack on their country.

Many of these people were older folks and young kids. Then, a rocket rained down death all over them, blasting them with shrapnel and sudden death, leaving body parts scattered across the pavement.

Ukraine’s President Speaks

Speaking about the horrific attack, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia’s “evil has no limits.”

According to Zelensky, these kinds of crimes are happening because Russia can’t defeat Ukraine on the field of battle; therefore, they are trying to score terror hits on innocent people and force them into submission.

Zelensky says Russia must be “punished” for what it’s doing in order to stop more horror attacks like this from taking place.

Russia denies the attack and says it is a false flag staged by Ukraine. The Kremlin also denied the Bucha massacre, saying it was a false flag production done by Ukraine in order to try to get the West to join the war.

The Bottom Line

The actions of Russia in Ukraine are an eternal disgrace to the Russian nation.

War criminals must be punished for their crimes; this war must come to an end as soon as possible with the full retreat of Russia from Ukrainian territory.