Russia Claims Huge Hit in Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since late February for around 3.5 months. It’s been a disastrous conflict that’s killed thousands of troops and caused more than 12 million Ukrainians to leave their homes.

The war’s begun to turn against Ukraine as the Russian military machine rolls into the country. It currently controls about one-fifth of Ukraine and does not look ready to give up anytime soon.

Now, Moscow is claiming to have scored a significant strike in the war.

Russia’s Latest Claim

According to Russia, it hit western-supplied tanks in Kyiv. This comes ahead of Vladimir Putin’s latest warning that if NATO and the United States supply long-range missiles that can hit Russia, he will escalate strikes significantly.

Specifically, Moscow is claiming airstrikes in Kyiv have taken out tanks that were sent by the West. Putin threatened new and more serious targets if the West gives Ukraine upgraded missile capabilities.

Some analysts believe Putin may be talking about new strikes against western assets outside Ukraine. His past threats to invade Finland if it joined NATO were not acted on, but nobody is very eager to play a game of chicken with the power-hungry Russian leader.

It’s clear Russia hit quite a few targets early Sunday in Kiev, including state-owned railway stations and very close to a nuclear power plant around 200 miles south of the capital.

Russia is believed to be stepping up strikes in order to stop Ukraine’s military from replenishing itself in the capital. At this point, the war is going very badly for Ukraine in the east, as Russia rapidly gains ground in the Donbas region.

Putin’s Point

Speaking on TV around the time of renewed Russian attacks on the capital, Putin said the West is trying to artificially keep the war going by pumping Ukraine full of new equipment and weapons.

According to Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, the city was struck seriously in the Darnytski and Dniprovski areas, leaving buildings in ruins and railway areas destroyed.

By taking down railway depots, Russia apparently hopes to stop Ukraine troops from resupplying themselves and shipping weapons and artillery systems to the front lines in the east.

Meanwhile, in the east of Ukraine, Russia is doing many airstrikes on rail and infrastructure, trying to weaken the area for a complete takeover.

The Bottom Line

This war is not likely to be over anytime soon.

French leader Emmanuel Macron says Putin must be allowed to save face and given some concessions. Others say Ukraine must fight to the bitter end.

What’s clear is Russia is not about to pull out anytime soon. Putin is doubling down on his “special operation” to “liberate” Ukraine and “defend” its Russian-speaking population in the east.