Ron DeSantis Wakes Biden Up From His Nap With Epic Takedown

If you want the vaccine, get the vaccine. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. It’s really that simple, but our current administration can’t wrap their big government heads around it.

That’s why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is here to remind them over and over and over, DeSantis has stood up for freedom and set Florida apart as America’s new mecca of liberty. He just did it again in an epic takedown of the Biden regime.

Biden Insults DeSantis, Gets What He Deserves

The reason DeSantis gave a speech against Biden is that our senile POTUS insulted the Florida Governor and said DeSantis’ state has high COVID rates because of him. Biden told DeSantis to stop interfering with COVID and to let everyone get vaccinated and wear masks.

Well, guess what? Vaccines are widely available in Florida and DeSantis has strongly urged everyone to get one…but it’s their choice. Masks are up to parents to decide if their kids wear; for adults, free Americans they can also make their own choice about whether to wear a mask. Imagine that!

So, DeSantis responded to Biden’s propaganda by giving a speech. In that speech, he let Biden know that he was not amused. DeSantis brought up our wide open southern border and the hundreds of thousands of folks pouring in with all sorts of diseases, including COVID.

As DeSantis noted, these people are brought all over the country by plane and bus and every way imaginable, then mixed in with the rest of us. Biden should shut up about “variants” for as long as he’s busing strangers into our communities who could be sick with anything under the sun.

But yet Biden expects grade schoolers to mask up while illegals are roaming free without court dates? No way.

The Border Crisis is Worse Than You Think

As DeSantis noted, the border crisis isn’t just some people from Mexico. The numbers are incredibly high and include people from over 100 countries around the world. Wanted terrorists from the Middle East have even been apprehended.

It’s outrageous that the Biden regime is talking about forced vaccines and making kids wear masks when they are failing to stop dangerous and sick people from streaming in our border. Just last week, over 7,000 illegals with COVID were let out into the border town of McAllen, Texas alone!

That’s one small Texas town, swamped with sick people and nowhere to put them, but Biden wants to lecture Americans and get self-righteous about vaccines as he insults Florida? Not going to happen.


Ron DeSantis is one of the rare few in America standing up for freedom. Others include Texas Governor Greg Abbott. They have prevailed when the moment was darkest. DeSantis deserves to be our next president, zero doubt about it.