Ron DeSantis Gets Record Supports From Hispanics, Here’s Why…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is widely expected to run for president in 2024. Few doubt that DeSantis will win his reelection bid to lead Florida in the upcoming midterms by a comfortable margin as well.

In addition to bold leadership during COVID and keeping the Sunshine State’s economy and immigration system strong, DeSantis has built a strong base of support that crosses racial and class lines.

The leftist media can’t figure it out, especially the strong Latino support for DeSantis. Here’s an explainer to help them out…

The Real Reason Hispanic Americans Support DeSantis

Leftist lunatics like Joy Reid of MSNBC can’t wrap their heads around the Hispanic support for DeSantis.

Reid recently said it’s because the Proud Boys are taking over the Florida Republican Party and Hispanics want to be close to the nexus of white supremacist power.

Two things here: Proud Boys aren’t taking over the Florida GOP and Ron DeSantis and the GOP are not “white supremacists.”

DeSantis is set to win Miami-Dade and scoop up places that traditionally pulled the lever for the Democrats every single time. He’s doing that because he’s the opposite of a white supremacist.

Ron DeSantis is an American supremacist. 

He loves Americans of all races and colors. DeSantis made it clear he strongly supports and understands Hispanic Americans who fled communist dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela, and more.

DeSantis Gets It

DeSantis not only understands the economic and family dreams of Hispanic Americans, but he also treats them with respect and basic humanity.

Unlike the left which treats minorities as exotic totems who they pretend to care about at election time and use as mouthpieces, DeSantis actually wants Florida to be new hope for people of all backgrounds.

He’s introduced classes in Florida to teach about victims of communism and steadily showed his support for the values and dreams of Latinos. He’s shown the idea they are “different” or not really American is untrue.

Unlike the Democrats, where Jill Biden literally compared Latino Americans to tasty breakfast burritos, DeSantis actually has some basic respect.

He knows that Latinos work hard, love America, and want happy, healthy families. This immediately puts them at odds with today’s Democrat Party.

Support Surges

This is especially true in terms of secure borders. After sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, DeSantis was attacked by the media and liberal politicians.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even called DeSantis a “human trafficker” for sending undocumented migrants to a rich island where they wanted to go.

Instead of losing support after this, DeSantis gained support among Hispanic Americans, with a majority who were polled agreeing with his move.

Listen: Latino Americans are American. They support keeping this country strong and prosperous just like anyone else. The Democrats better catch up or they’re going to lose the Hispanic vote forever.