Ron DeSantis Calls Out the Lying Leftist Media

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has dealt with the liberal media’s attacks for years now. He knows how they work. He also knows how to stand up to them the right way.

DeSantis recently gave his opinion about the ongoing controversy regarding podcast host Joe Rogan. He had some valuable advice for Rogan about what to do now since the far left wants to cancel his show.

Rogan Gets Roasted by the Mainstream Media

Rogan has the most popular podcast on the planet. The controversy started months ago when he got COVID and treated it with unconventional methods, including ivermectin and monoclonal antibody treatments.

The media mocked Rogan at the time, calling him a kooky conspiracy theorist.

He recovered from COVID and continued on with his show, becoming increasingly skeptical of the mainstream narrative on vaccines and the virus. Rogan then had on Dr. Robert Malone and others who are also skeptical of the vaccine.

It was then the leftist media and Biden regime turned on Rogan in full force. They began to call him a threat to people’s health and an agent of “misinformation.”

Liberal rocker Neil Young pulled his music off Spotify in protest of the streaming channel carrying Rogan’s podcast. Then, has-been singer Joni Mitchell followed suit, along with a few other aging singers.

However, Rogan still wasn’t done. In fact people were defending him for the most part. So, some people went through his old podcasts and managed to string together a recording of him saying the N-word various times.

Rogan was using it in context to discuss racial issues but it didn’t matter; he’s not black and not allowed. Now the shouts to cancel him are growing louder. Can he survive this?

DeSantis Gives Advice to Rogan: ‘Don’t Apologize’

Responding to the Rogan scandal, DeSantis gave him some advice. Even though Spotify says they won’t cancel the podcast host for past mistakes, he’s under more and more pressure.

Rogan apologized for using the N-word in a reckless way, but DeSantis says he’s doing it all wrong. Speaking recently about the Rogan controversy, DeSantis said you shouldn’t “apologize” because doing so only emboldens the “woke mob.”

Even though he stated he’s not a listener, DeSantis said it’s obvious the mainstream media and left “fear” Rogan’s influence and how many people listen to him. For that reason. DeSantis strongly recommends ignoring the mob and not allowing them to “get your goat.”

DeSantis is Right

DeSantis is right, here. The real reason Rogan is under attack is because he provided a platform for alternate views to the mainstream.

Any celebrity can be investigated and found to have said stupid or offensive things in the past. They are only doing this to Rogan because he’s not playing ball with Dr. Fauci and his fraud crew.