Rockstar Kid Rock Slams Left in Controversial New Song

Kid Rock is one of the rare few celebrities who hasn’t sold his heart and soul to the left. He’s no white-picket-fence guy, but he loves America and he cares about freedom. That alone makes him an enemy for the left.

This guy is rich beyond belief and he has a huge platform to say something. However, unlike other stars and singers who use their platforms to push a leftist agenda, Kid Rock is using his to tell Americans to wake up.

His new song is a giant slap in the face to the Biden regime and liberal extremists who are trying to squeeze the life out of the country.

Kid Rock’s New Song

Kid Rock has never been known for holding his tongue. This guy swears like a sailor, and his new song has even more swearing than usual.

With “Let’s Go Brandon” songs at the top of the charts and the recent smash success of Aaron Lewis’ “Am I the Only One?” conservative power ballad, Kid Rock couldn’t have picked a better time to launch his new single.

This song presents an in-your-face view of our current situation, stating America has become soft and raised a generation of “p***ies” who don’t know how to think for themselves.

These “minions” and people who only think of doing what they’re told are now trying to run our lives. They want to tell us what we can say, but Kid Rock shouts out the First Amendment “rings true” and if you don’t like what he has to say then, “see number two.”

If you’ve been looking for a song that bucked the liberal trend, but still has a massive audience, you just found it. It turns out not everyone famous is a full-on Biden-brain leftist just yet.

Time for a Wake-Up Call

Whether or not the new Kid Rock song is your cup of tea, there’s no way to deny it’s quite a wake-up call. The new music video is full of cursing and this singer is shouting out what a lot of us are feeling.

He’s not demanding we share his beliefs or even agree. He’s just honestly putting his thoughts out there for the whole world to see, uncensored and without any sugar-coating.

If you don’t like what he says, it’s fine, because as Kid Rock – Robert Ritchie – says, you have the right in America to say and do what you damn well want.

Time to Turn Over a New Leaf

Kid Rock’s song is a reminder to all of us that it’s time to turn over a new leaf. This song may be overly harsh for some people, but you can tell it’s basically a form of tough love.

The singer is just saying the woke movement and the cultural left have turned us weak and stupid. He’s right. If you don’t like hearing it, then maybe it’s because you’re part of the problem.