Requiring BLM and Gay Pride Flags at Schools? One Oregon School District Says No Thanks

Black Lives Matter flag in Minneapolis by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Oregon is a blue state, but it’s still got plenty of conservatives. 

In fact, part of the state is looking to split away and join Idaho because it’s so sick and tired of ultra-progressive Governor Kate Brown and her legislation. 

Now, breaking news is coming out of the Gresham-Barlow school district. This school district is located about half an hour east of downtown Portland and includes the towns of Boring, Gresham and Damascus. 

The school board recently backtracked on a policy to require all Gresham-Barlow classes to have an American flag, BLM flag, and Pride flag (or BLM and Pride flag poster) in each classroom.

The policy was passed on May 6 by a vocal minority of the school board who felt strongly about the need to support these groups. 

Pride Flags, Commercial Street, Provincetown, Credit – Tim Grafft MOTT by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This is How You Defeat Liberals

School board member Robyn Stowers and one other individual were the only ones who supported forcing BLM and Pride flags in every class. Their sneaky update to the board’s policy several weeks ago wasn’t actually well supported; as such, the recent meeting to reconsider it saw them getting drowned out by people with common sense. 

Stowers and one other were the only ones who voted to keep the mandate saying that students are worthy of being respected, seen, and heard. They then claimed that having BLM and Pride flags was a matter of respecting students’ “identities and human rights.” 

Stowers said that she wanted the flags in each class to show that the school was “welcoming” and “inclusive” for all students. She said it was especially important to stand up against “institutional racism and oppression.”

Stowers also claimed that these flags would “literally save lives.” No word on how that would work. 

There was one part of the policy that Stowers also wanted changed, however. 

Remember how I said it required an American flag, as well? No can do. 

Stowers said it’s not appropriate to have Old Glory in classrooms because of bad things that happened to Native Americans hundreds of years ago, slavery, “anti-LGBTQ laws” the mistreatment of migrant workers, and various other supposed breaches of “human rights” at the Southern border.

I think she means the kids in cages under Trump that magically disappeared under Biden. It looks like we have a real crazy person on our hands, folks.

Luckily Stowers was overruled. 


The majority of the Gresham-Barlow school board listened to Stowers go on her unhinged rant; the rant then ended by her playing an anthem for Black people. The school board then calmly said no thanks. 

As board member Blake Peterson put it, BLM’s “political objectives” show a strong bias and are not appropriate to push in a classroom. 

Peterson said “it’s inappropriate” for the school board to align itself with a political organization and he’s entirely correct. 

Sorry, Ms. Stowers. Save your emotional rants for your crystal healing workshops at the multi-gender commune, you insufferable freak.