Report: Trump Attorney Resolves Discrimination Lawsuit With Ex-Employee

Alina Habba, a lawyer for Trump, recently settled a discrimination complaint filed by a previous worker who accused her former employer of using racist words at work. 

According to a report in The Daily Beast, Na’syia Drayton accused Habba of saying the N-word as she was playing rap music and of denigrating the NY attorney general by referring to her as “that Black bi***.” 

According to a source, the full details of the settlement are not instantly evident; both parties have signed deals prohibiting open dialogue about it.

According to the lawsuit, Habba began circling the office, enraged at the judge, and complained she had lost her case. 

Drayton was shocked by the racist words made against the attorney general, Letitia James. She was astounded that her boss, Habba, felt safe and entitled to express such sentiments in her presence at work. 

Following Action

In July, Drayton, who is black, initiated legal action by resigning from her position as a legal assistant for Habba and filing the complaint. She took the situation to the New Jersey Superior Court, where she filed her lawsuit and asked that a jury hear the case. 

Her legal practice is close to Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, New Jersey. She was one of Trump’s representatives in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ extensive investigation of the commercial activities of the Trump empire.

Trump testified in this investigation last month. Habba swore the Trump Organization gave over all requested records. 

According to the allegations made by Drayton in the lawsuit, Habba made the statement “I detest that Black bi***” at one point after she lost a contempt proceeding against James related to the subpoena of Trump Organization information that took place in April. 

According to the lawsuit, Drayton stated she became deeply uncomfortable in the office and started to separate herself from her coworkers as a result of this discomfort. 

Denial and Trump Investigation 

According to the Daily Beast, Habba denied making the vulgar statement about James.

According to the lawsuit, Drayton emailed Habba and explained her concerns regarding the possibility of racial tension in the workplace. Habba promptly called Drayton in response to the email. 

She allegedly stated in the lawsuit that she herself is a minority; that she is not white. She claimed she was bullied in the past, due to the fact she is Arab, because everyone listens to Kanye West, but she was not permitted to do so. 

Recently, Habba has been in the headlines for her public discussion on the investigation being conducted by the Justice Department into Trump’s management of classified misinformation. Trump has categorically denied any wrongdoing in connection with this matter. 

She cast doubt on the raid the FBI conducted on August 8 at Mar-a-Lago, claiming she was “worried” about evidence-planting and clarifying she had “firsthand knowledge” of Trump’s Florida home as a result of her work on the New York investigation.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.