Report Shows Biden Lied to Us About the Chinese Balloon’s True Intentions

You’ve probably seen the Chinese “weather” balloon on the news a couple of months ago. Even though concerned Americans were wondering what China’s intentions really were, the government assured us there was no danger.

However, as it would turn out, Joe Biden knew of the balloon’s whereabouts long before the majority of us did. He ignored the threat, hoping it would just go unnoticed, but strong winds blew it “off course,” leading it straight over Montana, where it was shot down.

Well, the Chinese got away with the balloon thing somehow

To the surprise of many, the reports at the time claimed it to be a weather balloon piloted by a Chinese organization, which has now proven to be false.

It’s not exactly strange for Biden to serve us a bunch of lies on a silver platter, but this time, he completely ignored that it was a matter of national security. We were kept completely oblivious to the balloon’s true intentions.

It may sound unassuming, considering the balloon hasn’t actually caused any real damage, but the amount of photographs it took of our military is more than enough to classify it as a national security threat.

What’s Sleepy Joe talking about?

In an interview with Noticias Telemundo, Biden explained the situation and how it unfolded from start to finish, adding that the US military was forced to shut down communications as the balloon was traveling above them.

Despite the major upset it’d caused and the fact that it was shot down after it’d gone offshore, Biden decided to claim it gathering military intel “wasn’t a major breach,” which only goes to show how far gone our president is.

What sane person would think one of our greatest rivals gathering classified information on our military isn’t a huge threat to the safety of this country?

Well, this isn’t anything strange coming from Sleepy Joe, but one would at least expect him to be serious about matters like these, even for a second.

This week on Monday, the National Security Council stepped forward with a report confirming the balloon managed to walk away with sensitive intel on more than a few American military bases.

It’s also been revealed that China was purposely controlling the balloon’s trajectory in a way that would lead it straight above these sites, with the intel being transmitted directly to Beijing in real time.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.