Report Insinuates US Blew Up Gas Pipeline When It Was in Putin’s Interest

The United States and United Kingdom may be behind the blowing up of an underwater section of Nord Stream 2, a giant natural gas pipeline delivering Russian fuel directly to Germany and other European countries.

This is per a report, even though logic shows Putin’s Russia was the only power whose interests were served by such an explosion as Russian hordes lose their dictator’s war against Ukraine.

Putin’s Favorite Project Killed by Trump Until Biden Took Over

The Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline exploded beneath the water in the Baltic Sea in October.

It was a project sponsored by Putin’s Russia and the pro-Russian natural gas lobby in Germany. It sought to double the capacity of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which had been operating for a decade.

Both Nord Stream pipes through the Baltic Sea delivered natural gas from Russia to Germany directly, partly eliminating the transit routes and fees that Eastern European nations have been receiving from Russia.

Some right-wing or far-right political commentators, who mistakenly view Putin’s murderous dictatorship as a defender of “Christian values” and masculinity, have been accusing the administration of blowing up Nord Stream 2, thus engaging America in direct hostilities against Russia.

However, the fact is Putin’s favorite project was practically killed by Trump with crippling sanctions in 2019-2020. It was resuscitated by Joe Biden, who, in the spring of 2021, lifted the US sanctions as a giant concession to the Moscow autocrat.

Thanks to Biden, the pipe was completed by early 2022, shortly before Putin’s wholly unprovoked invasion of a democratic, pro-Western Ukraine.

After the Nord Stream 2 explosion, western nations blamed Russia. Russia accused the West without providing any tangible evidence to that end.

Quoting Biden, WaPo to Exonerate Putin

The report cites official comments from Sweden and Finland, which contain no information whatsoever about who may be the culprit, but excludes meaningful political, power, and interest analysis.

It barely mentions the Nord Stream 2 explosion occurred against the horrifying backdrop of Putin’s miserably failing Ukraine invasion.

It does quote the far-left Washington Post, which was told by 23 diplomats and intelligence officials there was no evidence of a Russian plot – the same way WaPo quoted some 50 US intelligence operatives as claiming there was evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion plot.

The most bizarre part of the report, however, is it fails to consider any of Putin’s motivations against the backdrop of his grand army getting soundly defeated by the formerly vastly inferior Ukrainians.

By assuming Russia wouldn’t blow its own pipeline, the report conveys very little understanding of Moscow’s methods, means of operation, and intra-regime infighting, which hardly ever succumbs to any western, legal, or plain basic human logic.

What Basic Analysis Informs

Seeing Russians’ constant battlefield defeats at the hands of the Ukrainians, primarily due to massive US and western support, Putin decided to cause tremendous pain to western societies and consumers in the winter of 2022-2023 by shutting down Russian natural gas supplies – starting with Poland, Finland, and Bulgaria already in May 2022.

As per Putin’s logic, the biggest victim was supposed to be Germany.

An energy and economic crisis in half of Europe was supposed to cause ruptures in the US-led NATO alliance and the European Union, causing western nations to abandon Ukraine, thus seeing the Ukrainians get eventually overwhelmed by Russia.

The destruction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was entirely in line with Putin’s plan. In October, it was mainly supposed to prevent the Europeans from stashing natural gas for the winter.

Moscow’s plan failed miserably, thanks to the European Union’s preemptive energy measures and the much warmer-than-usual weather in December. Western support for Ukraine is stronger than ever.

By destroying his pipeline in the Baltic with impunity, the Russian autocrat also sent the message he could blow up British, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, German, and other pipelines all around Europe, destroying giant underwater internet cables connecting America and Europe through the Atlantic.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.