Report Card on Biden’s State of the Union Speech

Joe Biden gave a State of the Union address last night, focusing on the war in Ukraine and trying to promote his Build Back Better plan.

The doddering speech was all over the place. Biden even made a mistake by saying Russia will never win the loyalty of the “Iranian” people, even if it conquers Kiev with tanks.

Biden also talked a lot about healing the divisions of the pandemic. He claimed it’s time for unity and to stop seeing each other as enemies.

A Hypocritical Speech

One of the things Biden focused on in his speech was overcoming division in American society. Despite previously promising a winter of death for those who didn’t get the COVID vaccine, he’s now saying it’s time to play nice.

Biden also talked a lot about his support for abortion, which directly contradicts his identity as a Catholic. He said a woman must be able to have the “right” to decide to kill her unborn baby and Roe v. Wade is vital to uphold.

On immigration, Biden said he is fast-tracking refugee cases and helping South American countries build up their capacity to care for refugees and protect their borders as well.

Those who are the children of illegal immigrants will be given a pathway to citizenship, Biden promised, along with seasonal workers and those who’ve come to America to work on a temporary basis.

He talked about also changing immigration law so it’s easier for family reunions to take place and hardworking folks to be with the ones they love. What about hardworking Americans who have been playing by the rules and have only been left behind?

After two years of destroying small businesses and crippling our energy industry, Biden wants to talk about helping workers? It’s almost beyond parody.

Biden Promises His Plan Will Save Us All

Biden doubled down on his ineffective American Rescue Plan. He claimed it fights climate change, while giving families a boost and saving them money on energy and healthcare.

He made the highly questionable claim that the plan is saving families an average of $2,400 a year on premiums. He also says by fighting climate change, it’s saving families $500 per year.

Biden talked about tax credits for solar panels and encouraging people to drive electric vehicles. He claims by bringing the prices down, more and more people will choose to drive electric cars.

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I don’t think a reduction in energy prices is what a single American has noticed in the past year.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats are praising this speech, while the right is noting it was pie in the sky and useless. It deserves a three out of 10, at best.