RED ALERT: Russian Forces Enter Ukraine

Russian forces entered Ukraine in large numbers on Monday evening, following Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s recognition of two separatist regions of Ukraine.

In a lengthy speech to the Russian people, Putin argued Ukraine is not a real nation and was only created by the Bolsheviks as a cynical tactical measure.

He said the two regions Russian just recognized in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region deserve to be independent and are being targeted by Ukraine against innocent people.

What’s Putin’s Plan?

Experts have noted Putin is trying to build up the argument that genocide is happening in the east of Ukraine as a pretext for invading the rest of Ukraine.

Right on cue, Russian “peacekeeping” troops immediately entered the separatist regions, claiming to be there on orders to keep the peace against Ukraine.

The stage is now set for all-out war and some of the worst ground combat seen in Europe since World War Two.

Biden’s Warnings Haven’t Worked

Joe Biden is already applying sanctions on any trade between Russia-controlled parts of Ukraine in the new territories, but his threats against Russia clearly haven’t worked.

According to insiders, Putin has been saying Russia will be hit with tough sanctions either way, so he’s going for broke. As his address to Russia showed, Putin believes the West picked on Russia and now deserves to be taught a lesson.

With Biden and French leader Emmanuel Macron still hoping to get Putin at the negotiating table, it’s becoming increasingly clear they failed. The invasion was already planned. Putin indicated that NATO is not moving enough to stop conflict.

Our own media constantly alleged President Trump was working with Putin; the truth was the opposite. Trump respected Putin’s strength, but was a large part of the reason Putin didn’t make any bold moves during the Trump administration.

He knew Trump wouldn’t hesitate to act boldly, rapidly, and aggressively. Now, with Biden, Putin made the calculation to strike and is highly unlikely to pull back.

We already saw Russian forces seize Crimea under Obama, rapidly taking over and annexing the Ukrainian territory and its vital warm water port at Sebastopol.

The Bottom Line

Putin built up the propaganda narrative for splitting up Ukraine. Now, he is all set for performing false flags or any other incidents to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

We are now on the cusp of war; the possibility of tanks rumbling into Kyiv and causing intense battle has now become even more likely.

Biden’s half-hearted support for Ukraine does nothing; sanctions don’t even target Putin’s inner circle are incredibly ineffective and weak.

The failure of the liberal establishment to stand up to Russia and China is endangering America’s allies and allowing the world to slide into chaos.