Red Alert as the Chance of Nuclear War Just Got Much Higher

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine took place two weeks ago. In addition to thousands of deaths and massive destruction of homes and property, the war has raised the chance of nuclear war.

Though recent news from the head of America’s nuclear response team says that current developments put us even closer to true nuclear war breaking out.

Here’s why…

Warning from Director of National Intelligence

America’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is a woman by the name of Avril Haines. She has just issued a red alert warning about Vladimir Putin’s chance of using nuclear weapons as a result of his failing war in Ukraine.

In particular, Haines said Putin’s upgrade of his nuclear forces to a higher state of alert was done to make NATO forces back off, but needs to be taken very seriously.

According to Haines, the worse this war goes for Putin, the higher chance he will simply press the big red button and go for it.

These may be nuclear warheads of a smaller size, but they would still rock the whole world and spread radiation throughout ground zero of wherever they hit.

Online maps where people can check if they would be hit in various areas have been crashing because so many people are checking every day.

CIA Director William Burns, who has been deeply involved in trying to prevent the Ukraine situation, said Russia does not have an option for backing down in its military. Instead, they always hit harder if they are losing and sacrifice more soldiers.

Burns also recently warned the risk of nuclear war is going up as the war grinds on in Ukraine. This includes the potential for Putin to hit Europe or the US.

Warnings Are Getting Stronger

Lieutenant General Scott Berrier of the US Army runs the crucially important DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

He also recently said it’s key to get inside Putin’s mind and understand what he’s thinking. Berrier said Putin believes his nuclear capability gives him the possibility to shake things up unexpectedly.

Berrier also warned those who believe Putin may be mentally unwell or unpredictable not to underestimate what he says. Berrier cautioned Putin must be listened to “very, very carefully,” and his threats must be taken extremely seriously.

There is a pattern of thought that underestimates Putin and thinks he only sees nukes as a last resort, but the truth is nuclear weapons are just part of a strategy for Putin and Russia, not only something you never use.

Considering the US Secretary of State recently goaded Putin with a hurtful comment about the tragic death of Putin’s baby brother in the World War Two siege of Leningrad, it is becoming increasingly unclear if the Biden regime somehow wants nuclear war.

Their behavior is erratic and highly reckless when dealing with a leader such as Putin.