China Olympics’ Rating are In and Worse Than Anyone Imagined

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are now over. Don’t worry if you didn’t know that. Many people had no idea they were even happening.

Many of those who did know the Olympics were happening chose to tune out. In fact, the two weeks of events and 109 competitions drew such a low amount of viewers that NBC is apparently panicking.

The pro-China network that decided to go in and gloss over a genocidal communist regime that launched COVID on the world got what it deserved: ratings in the toilet and an awful reputation.

NBC’s Ratings Nightmare

When nobody tunes into a large event, all the money companies paid to advertise goes to waste. It’s like shouting into an empty hole for hours a day. Your message gets nowhere and your advertising budget gets liquidated.

That’s what happened to those who sponsored NBC, which has scared off other networks. The worst consequences of these record-low ratings, however, hit NBC itself. They paid out huge to have exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics.

In return, they got such low viewership, it might as well have been a little league match from your kid’s school. What if people don’t watch an event? The sponsors, of course, see their money go down the drain.

However, they are not the direct sufferers. So, who is the main sufferer? Well, the broadcaster is. A broadcaster pays a fortune to get broadcasting rights.

NBC’s Wasted $7.7 Billion Investment

The deal NBC previously made is they paid $7.7 billion eight years ago for the exclusive rights to be the Olympic broadcaster all the way until 2032. That’s a lot of Olympics; it seems like a smart bet when you consider how prestigious the event is.

Though, in order for this business decision to be worth it, you need to get eyeballs onscreen and absorbing what you’re broadcasting. When that doesn’t happen, money from sponsors and the initial massive payoff starts going down the drain.

NBC is now staggering after looking at the numbers for Beijing 2022. We’re talking about only 16 million tuning in to watch, four million less than the 1988 Olympic’s previous low of 20 million.

Four years ago, when the Olympics were held in South Korea, there were around 7.5 million more people watching than this year. In other words, half the audience disappeared this year. They just didn’t want to watch.

The Bottom Line

Any business interested in money can only take one clear message out of Beijing 2022: Chinese events don’t interest the American people and don’t get their loyalty.

If you want to make money in media, stay away from China. Americans don’t trust it, and they don’t like it. They’re tired of woke media trying to gloss over the world’s reality, just to get some clicks and views.