Race Hoaxer Liberal Jussie Smollett Gets Time Behind Bars

Jussie Smollett made headlines in 2019 when he said he was attacked by random Trump supporters in Chicago, who insulted him for being gay and black.

He was then invited on top news shows and cried and whined about conservatives and Donald Trump.

It turned out to all be fake. Not only had the Empire star not been attacked by angry bigots, but he also set it all up. Smollett paid a pair of Nigerian brothers to do it to him and make it look like a hate crime by leaving a noose at the scene of the incident.

Smollett is rich and famous with the liberal media on his side, so he was expecting to get away with this with a slap on the wrist. Though during sentencing for his crime on Thursday, he got the last news he was expecting.

Jail Time For Smollett

First of all, Smollett expected sympathy.

He’s continued to say that he didn’t do anything and even claimed the Nigerian brothers beat him up because they were jealous of his larger role and salary on the show.

Cook County Judge James Linn wasn’t buying any of Smollett’s sob story. He tore him apart for over an hour in his sentencing statement, calling Smollett a despicable person who divided America even more during a hard time.

Linn angrily spoke to Smollett, saying his “hoaxing” was completely “arrogant” and “narcissistic” behavior that was very damaging to those who actually suffer from hate crimes.

Linn slammed the spoiled actor for trying to throw a “national pity party” on his own behalf and for being a pathetic “charlatan” who is a “toxic” and disturbed individual.

Not only that, but Linn also noted Smollett committed a huge amount of perjury by lying in various courts of law about what happened over and over.

Smollett thought he would never pay a price, but on Thursday, Linn sent him to jail for five months. The furious actor also got a $25,000 penalty and has to pay back $120,106 to the City of Chicago for the police time and resources he wasted on his fake hate crime.

Smollett’s Last Performance

As soon as this ridiculous liberal realized he was actually going to have to pay for his crime, he stood up and ripped off his mask

Smollett started saying he’s “not suicidal” and he believes he could be killed by haters in jail. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

The thing is this: Smollett was convicted of five felonies and could have had 15 years in jail altogether. Five months is extremely small in comparison and was given mainly because he has no criminal record.

Though instead of being grateful, the spoiled celebrity claimed there was a conspiracy against him.