R. Kelly Pulled Off Suicide Watch, Files a Lawsuit

According to statements made by federal prosecutors, the musician Robert “R.” Kelly was taken off suicide watch at the Metro Detention Center in Brooklyn on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday of last week, the R&B singer, who is 55 years old, was given a sentence of 30 years in prison for conspiracy and sex trafficking.

Jennifer Bonjean, who is his attorney, stated she has not heard from him since that time, which leads one to believe he’s been placed on suicide watch ever since. 

Lawsuit Against the System

On Friday, Kelly’s legal action against the Federal Bureau of Prison System, which is responsible for operating the prison institution, was submitted.

The complaint names MDC Warden Heriberto H. Tellez as a defendant. 

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was subjected to extreme mental anguish as a result of being placed on suicide watch as a means of punishment, despite the fact he did not have suicidal thoughts.

When the plaintiff was put on suicide watch by the defendant, who subjected him to inhumane confinement, the defendant was aware the plaintiff did not pose a risk of suicide.

The plaintiff was put on suicide watch with the sole intention of punishment because he is a high-profile inmate. 

This is the second time Kelly has been placed on suicide watch; the last time was right after the jury issued its judgment finding him guilty. 

In the lawsuit, Bonjean also asserts the MDC ignored and blocked her demands to confirm that Kelly was put on suicide watch for the second time.

This is one of the allegations made by Bonjean. During the first two days, she did not obtain any confirmation, and as a result, she filed the complaint as soon as possible. 

High-Profile Inmates

As per Bonjean, MDC-Brooklyn has a policy that punishes high-profile individuals by placing them under the stringent conditions of suicide watch, regardless of the fact that the inmates are not seriously depressed.

Bonjean goes on to say the policy is intended to cause high-profile inmates harm and that it is ultimately meant to chastise them. 

She also claims another high-profile inmate, named Ghislaine Maxwell, was put on suicide watch on June 25, 2022. This came despite the fact she did not have suicidal thoughts at the time.

The policy of MDC Brooklyn can only be characterized as being arbitrary, cruel, and in violation of the Constitution. 

On Tuesday, Bonjean stated it did not come as a surprise to her that the BOP dismissed R. Kelly as soon as it became clear they would be held accountable for their decisions. Likewise, she informed that legal action will go forward, notwithstanding this fact. 

The BOP did not respond to the multiple requests for comments that were made.