Putin’s Once Dreaded Russian Army Morphs into Chaotic, Drunken Rabble

(Social media footage snapshot showing drunk Russian conscripts brawling at a marketplace in Omsk, Central Russia.)

Amid bloodthirsty Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine, the Russian military is being exposed as pathetic.

Despite being once dreaded by the West and deemed the second strongest in the world, Russia’s army is quickly turning into an unruly, chaotic and potentially mutinous mob of drunkards caught.

This was recently caught on video, as Russia’s authorities are miserably failing at organizing, feeding, arming, and training hundreds of thousands of newly mobilized men.

Putin’s Nightmare

More than eight-and-a-half months into Putin’s all-out attack against Ukraine, the Russian invasion has become a nightmarish quagmire for the Russian military, proxies and private army mercenaries.

Russia has been suffering unbelievable losses in manpower and equipment thanks to the ferocious resistance of the Ukrainians and America’s supply of top-notch US-made weapons systems.

So much so that Putin’s original invasion force of some 200,000 heavily armed men, whose onslaught from the north, east, and south was supposed to overwhelm Ukraine in days to force it back into a reborn Soviet empire, is now all but gone.

As per the official count by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 76,000 members of the official Russian military have been killed in battle, while Putin’s troops have lost more than 15,000 units of heavy military equipment.

The True Cost is Staggering

When adding also the losses of the Russian proxies, mercenary and national guard auxiliary troops, the total number of killed Russian fighters would swell to over 100,000 so far, with at least as many wounded and missing.

After in September, the Ukrainians routed the professional Russian military in the east, Putin saw himself forced to declare mass mobilization, the first in Russia since 1941, with leaked documents showing he wanted to put 1.2 million men under arms, four times more than the official goal of 300,000.

The Moscow tyrant had previously been highly reluctant to announce mobilization for fear it could ultimately lead to an armed revolution toppling his regime.

Latest data of the Ukrainian military intelligence shared on YouTube by presidential adviser Alexey Arestovych shows that Russia has managed to mobilize only 238,000 men so far.

Even worse: the vast majority of those remain scattered at squalid camps across the country as the Russian military is unable to properly feed them, cloth them, arm them, and sent them to the front.

Thus, only about 50,000 mobilized have been shipped off to the frontlines in Ukraine.

(Ukrainian drone footage snapshot shows a direct anti-tank missile hit on a Russian tank in the Donbass region. More than 2,600 Russian tanks have been destroyed in the war so far.)

Drunken, Unruly Mobs of Mobilized Starting to Mutiny All over Russia’s Map

A new social media video from Omsk, a city of 1.1 million people in Siberia, Central Russia, testifies to the drunken mob that the mobilized Russian soldiers have morphed into.

Most of them remain stuck at makeshift training centers in bad-to-terrible conditions while still managing to procure for themselves sufficient amounts of vodka or any other drinkable substance that contains alcohol.

The social media video shows a brawl of drunk conscripts at a marketplace in Omsk, one of Russia’s biggest cities.

According to the Omsk_ogo channel on Telegram, an anti-war social media account, which shared the video online, the drunken melee left one mobilized soldier with head injuries.

Stressing that the conscripts in the local training center were on a “vodka binge,” Omsk_ogo said, as cited by The Daily Mail, that the mobilized were being plagued by several factors pushing them “into anti-social behavior.”

The report listed those as “alcohol, idleness” and “the doom that the face,” waiting to be sent to the frontlines in Ukraine, which could happen unexpectedly, on a very short notice, depending on the whims and capabilities of the Russian command and its faltering logistics.

Incidents involving Russia’s conscripts are becoming more frequent throughout the country, after in October, an entire regiment in the autonomous Siberian republic of Tuva heard an anti-mobilization speech mocking Putin.

Then last week, a detachment of 2,500 conscripts in Kazan, a city of 1.3 million in European Russia, southeast of Moscow, confronted a “drunk general” as they protested against the squalid conditions in their training camp and the rusty AK-47s and other Soviet-Era weapons they were armed with.

In videos of the incident, one conscript declared they were getting “treated like pigs,” and that the commander arrived drunk before getting “kicked out.”

In another incident from last week demonstrating the all-out demoralization of Putin’s once much feared military, 39 troops from the Russian army’s 252nd motorized rifle regiment simply left their positions on the front line in the Luhansk region in Eastern Ukraine, and demanded to be returned home.

According to one source, the men had been left without food, water, ammunition, and medical supplies, and were reduced to drinking water from “muddy puddles” for days and to eating anything they were able to find.

Incidents with Russian conscripts also occurred in Ulyanovsk, a city of 600,000 in the autonomous republic of Chuvashia, where mobilized troops refused to head for the front because they hadn’t received pay they were due. The uprising was quashed in the barracks by riot police.