Putin Thinks He’s 18th Century Russian Emperor, Peter the Great

(Video snapshot from Reuters shows Putin giving out a smirk from hell as he still deludes himself he can win, conquer Ukraine and destroy the entire Free World)

Atrocious Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin has disclosed which one of the Russian tyrants he considers himself to be, in light of his vicious invasion of Ukraine.

Surprisingly, it isn’t Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, but Russian Empire Tsar Peter I the Great (r. 1682 – 1725).

Putin’s Wars Growing More Aggressive to Mimic Vicious Emperor

Peter the Great is best known for attempting to heavily modernize and westernize Russia, naturally through extremely monstrous ways that claimed millions of lives.

Peter the Great thus committed maybe the biggest theft of history as the name Russia – or Rus – actually belonged to Ukraine.

Putin himself, who has technically been in power in Russia since 2000, has been progressively expansionist.

The Moscow autocrat averaged a major war every seven to eight years, with each one bigger than the next.

In 1999-2000, Putin was instrumental in the bloody crushing of the Chechens in the second rebellion for independence of the small Muslim Russian republic in the Caucasus.

In 2008, Russia attacked Georgia and de facto snatched from it two separatist regions.

In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine for the first time, seizing the Crimean Peninsula and, through proxies, a sizable chunk of the Donbass region in the southeast.

In 2015, Putin sent the Russian military all the way to Syria to rescue fellow dictator Bashar al-Assad from toppling in the Syrian Civil War.

Most recently, on February 24, 2022, Putin sent 200,000 troops to conquer all of Ukraine, apparently in a bid to restore Moscow’s empire, potentially in the form of the Russian Empire set up by Peter the Great.

(Video snapshot from Reuters shows zombified young Russians admiring Putin’s mass murders in Ukraine)

Putin Wants to Be Reincarnation of Peter I the Great

Speaking on Thursday, Putin, a formerly dirtbag poor KGB officer who was mostly on desk duty, unashamedly compared himself to the early 18th century monarch who was certainly no less brutal.

Putin, as cited by The Daily Mail, boasted about Peter the Great’s victory in the Great Northern War against Sweden.

In doing so, the miserably failed wannabe conqueror of Ukraine told major historical lies – namely, that Peter the Great wasn’t “seizing new territories,” but was actually “taking back” those territories.

After that, smirking with a grin straight out of hell as countless Ukrainian civilians and children are now in early graves or scarred for life by vicious rapes and torture, Putin declared he, too, is “taking back” Russian lands.

The Moscow mass murderer was speaking before a “select audience” of young Russian bovine “entrepreneur” propaganda zombies.

They seemed utterly enchanted by his vision of spreading harrowing post-communist warlike hell to as many nations as possible who would be serving as Russian slaves.

Luckily, the brave Ukrainians and anyone else in the free world with even a tiny shred of dignity and decency all beg to disagree.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is rapidly becoming a catastrophe of epic proportions for Moscow and the Putin regime.