Putin Stooge Brags Russia Just Rehearsed Wiping America ‘Off the Map’

(Russian government photo shows Putin overseeing remotely the alleged "huge" nuclear weapon exercise.)

Russia just rehearsed “wiping” both America and Britain “off the map,” a Russian propagandist and alleged military expert bragged on a live TV show.

Russian Nuclear Blackmail Attempts Amid Ludicrous Military Failure

Amid losing the war in Ukraine, Putin’s nuclear blackmail has been less and less effective – so much so that practically nobody is scared of Moscow any more.

Putin is not believed to be eager to set the world on fire. He seeks to enjoy his secret $200 billion fortune with his secret gymnast wife, Alina Kabaeva, and their secret four children, as it is alleged.

However, he is believed to be seriously considering using tactical (small-scale) nukes against Ukraine win the war and show “Russian power.”

At the same time, the United States, the UK, and other western nations in the NATO alliance made it clear a nuclear strike on Ukraine would be met with a direct NATO retaliation against the Russian military on Ukrainian territories or in the Black Sea.

(Russian state TV video snapshot)

Moscow Wants to Name US ‘Strait’ After Joseph Stalin

After Wednesday, Russia’s murderous despot Vladimir Putin oversaw remotely Russian nuclear weapon drills with missiles, bombers, and submarines.

On Thursday, one of his military propagandists claimed the exercise was a drill to obliterate the United States and the UK from the world map.

The latter is a preposterous proposition at best, considering the highly questionable state of Russia’s entire military, the advances in US missile defense capabilities that Moscow could only dream of, and the fact that any nuclear attack by Russians would be met with a devastating American response.

Nevertheless, Russian military expert Col. Igor Korotchenko claimed the new drills showed Moscow could handle destroying both America and its ally Britain, The Daily Mail reported.

He said the US and the UK were the only powers that could carry out a “first nuclear strike” against Russia, so they are Moscow’s natural target.

Seeking to divide western nations, Korotchenko argued the other NATO military power, France, probably wouldn’t join the US and the UK in a potential nuclear attack on Russia.

Such a first-strike western attack is, of course, practically impossible. Unlike Russia, the US and Britain have no interest whatsoever, not even on a “propaganda” level, to threat to destroy Russia by waging a nuclear war.

The deranged Russian propagandist, though, claimed Moscow was now ready to submerge Britain beneath the Atlantic Ocean, while Russian nukes would turn the United States into a “new strait” named after Soviet genocidal dictator Joseph Stalin.

“There is no compromise,” declared one of Putin’s propaganda lunatics, claiming the Russian nuclear excise was no nuclear blackmail, but what Russia “would really do” in the event it got attacked by the West with nukes.

US Carries Out Successful Hypersonic Weapon Test

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense confirmed the US Navy and Army carried out a successful test of hypersonic weapons, which took place in the NASA Wallop Flight Facility in Virginia.

Both Russia and the other main US adversary, communist China, already claimed highly successful hypersonic weapon tests, leaving America behind.

Except in the case of murderous, lying propaganda regimes, such as those of the Russian oligarchs and the Chinese communists, it is practically impossible to know how much they embellish the fairy tales about their power.

Putin’s miserable failure to overwhelm Ukraine has become the living evidence of that.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.