Putin Gets Hit Where It Hurts

Vladimir Putin isn’t only the leader of Russia; he’s also the father of two daughters and possibly more. His official daughters are Marina Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova.

Marina is a genetic researcher, and Katerina is a math whizz who used to be a professional dancer. They enjoy an ultra-privileged life, thanks to their massively rich dad, but he does his best to keep them out of the spotlight.

These girls grew up in the lap of luxury, profiting from Putin’s stranglehold on Russia and its energy sector.

However, now they’re being hit with huge sanctions that are going to change their lives forever.

Sanctioning Putin’s Seed

Katerina and Marina are both going to be hit with huge sanctions by the European Union (EU), as they recently announced.

Other leading officials, such as Russia’s foreign affairs minister Sergei Lavrov, have also been smacked with big sanctions on family members, as his daughter’s lavish UK lifestyle came to a crashing halt after being sanctioned.

Now, Katerina and Marina are in the crosshairs. They will be barred from traveling to most pro-Western and pro-NATO countries and have many of their assets which are linked to western banks frozen.

This comes as the US also froze funds related to the Russian banking giants, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank.

The UK followed suit, also ending any relationships with these banks and promising to stop all importation of Russian energy and coal products by the end of this year.

Of course, the question everyone is asking is whether these punishments will actually stop Putin’s “war machine.”

Will This Slow Putin Down?

Russia has already lost over 20,000 troops in Ukraine and billions in military equipment. It failed to take Kiev and is retreating to focus on the east of Ukraine.

However, to say Russia has already lost is incorrect. They have new reinforcements incoming, plenty of money, and huge amounts of equipment waiting to head right into the war.

Russia’s energy contracts with the EU are not running out anytime soon, even if the UK does cut them off; the war crimes of Russia in Ukraine demonstrate they feel quite untouchable in their actions.

As things get even more serious with sanctions on Putin’s own flesh and blood, there’s no doubt Russia’s tyrannical leader is going to get increasingly enraged.

The fact is this war will need to be won on the ground; although sanctions can serve as an added impact on Russia’s regime.

The Bottom Line

These sanctions on Putin’s family look more for headlines and publicity than real impact. Though, there’s no doubt they will enrage Putin and make life harder for his family members.

What do you think of the increasingly personal sanctions? Will they work?