Public Health Officials Spill the Beans on mRNA Vaccines

Since the inception of COVID-19 vaccines, many Americans have had their doubts about these shots. Some argued that because of how survivable COVID is for the majority of the population, the vaccines weren’t really necessary.

Others made the case that COVID vaccines being created and brought to market in a rush could mean they’re not as safe or effective as other vaccines that went through traditional procedures.

Another element that gave people pause was the heavy push to get these shots into folks’ arms.

People were first rewarded with prize cash and donuts. Then, that turned into mandatory vaccine passports, along with job loss and societal exclusion (in certain parts of the country) for folks who didn’t get these shots.

Now, two different cardiologists are warning that mRNA vaccines have done less good than harm, per the Epoch Times.

Confirming Public Suspicions

People have long had questions about the safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccines. Now, cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Peter McCullough are warning that many heart injuries in individuals stem from them receiving mRNA vaccines.

Even CDC data now reveals that 25% of mRNA vaccine recipients suffered incapacitation the following day. On top of that, 8% made emergency room trips or spent time in the hospital.

McCullough specifically declared that mRNA COVID vaccines are “the most toxic vaccine” to come from the CDC within clinical medicine. He also warned that this shot worsened cardiovascular issues in individuals.

Meanwhile, Malhotra dispelled the false narrative that cases of sudden death are being triggered by COVID or its omicron variant.

“Conspiracy Theories” Proven Right

Many folks who raised issues regarding COVID vaccines have been called conspiracy theorists, misinformation spreaders, and COVID deniers. Though the reality is that what the aforementioned cardiologists are saying mirrors suspicions that many folks had all along.

Ultimately, COVID vaccines are not as “safe” and “effective” as the “experts” made them out to be. Americans were therefore right to ask questions and ultimately make their own choices as to whether or not they wanted to get these shots.

At the end of the day, despite vaccine mandates, if someone takes this vaccine and has an allergic reaction, the folks who implemented the mandate are not going to be held accountable.

This is one reason why there’s been such a fight in this country to do away with COVID vaccine mandates across the board and allow people to make their own decisions. There is no telling what comes next when it comes to new data to be revealed on COVID vaccines.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.