Prosecutor Blasts Kim Foxx’s Leadership in Resignation Letter

In a letter of resignation, Jim Murphy, a prosecutor in Illinois who resigned Friday, puts Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx on blast.

The associate state’s attorney for Cook County criticized Foxx for providing weak leadership and prioritizing political narratives over the safety of individuals.

Zero Faith in Leadership

In a resignation letter, Murphy stated he could no longer serve an administration that he does not respect, according to reports from Fox News. When Murphy decided to step down, he had served 25 years in the position.

“I hope I can stay,” wrote the prosecutor. “However, I am unable to continue working for the administration. I have no faith in leadership.” 

A furious Murphy went on, saying if the administration was serious about combating violence, it would properly staff the courtrooms and divisions where violent crimes are prosecuted.

“All of us are under-resourced and under-worked as a result.”

Fox News says Murphy brought up a time when Foxx was upset about a story of a murder suspect who was not charged because of the Safe-T (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity-Today) Act.

Murphy claimed Foxx was more concerned with the headline than the victim’s well-being. 

According to Fox News, Murphy claimed this is the root of the administration’s problems. He’s seen it every day for the past year.

If there are any more mass shootings, then something must be done to stop them. 

As the prosecutor pointed out, this administration places political narratives and objectives above the needs of victims and the pursuit of justice in cases involving criminal violence. That’s why he’s unable to stay. 

Illinois State Senator Elgie Sims Jr. (D) lauded the Safe-T Act last year as a way to “fundamentally reform” the state’s criminal justice system. 

Surge in Crime

An op-ed in the Chicago Tribune slammed the legislation as “ineffective” and giving “violent felons a free pass.” 

Chief legal officers Jacqueline Lacy, Nichole Kroncke, Eric Weis, and Thomas A. Haine said in a statement they are sworn to safeguard the citizens of their counties. Because of laws enacted into law in Illinois, that pledge has become increasingly impossible to keep.

The state has seen a dramatic increase in crime since the SAFE-T Act was signed into law, including record-breaking carjackings, random shootings, and homicides.

In particular, the victims of violent crimes in society face a grave threat as a result of House Bill 3653’s provisions. 

According to state attorneys, the roughly 800-page bill was badly prepared, enacted in the middle of the night with no or little public discussion or scrutiny, and featured a number of regressive mandates that were incompatible with long-standing, strong jurisprudence in our country and our state. 

Foxx became a focal focus of the media in 2019 when the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office declared all 17 charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett would be withdrawn in an unusual “plea deal” over an apparent racial hoax.

Leftist organizations and Democratic mega-donor George Soros have made significant contributions to the Democrats and their absurd agendas.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.