Progressive Policies Forcing New York Police to Resign

Police officials in blue states are resigning en masse, due to the unfavorable policies which are not only impacting their job performance, but also putting the lives of Americans at risk.

This time, the New York Police Department (NYPD) is under progressive attack, which is encouraging officers to leave their jobs.

Mass Resignations from New York Police

According to the officials of the NYPD, over 100 detectives of the department retired in June, while 75 more are planning to do it in July.

Paul DiGiacomo, the president of the Detectives Endowment Association, noted the mass resignation drives within the department would drastically impact public safety. 

Within the first six months of the ongoing year, almost 250 detectives have departed, leaving the force with only 5,600 detectives. At the start of this year, this number stood at over 7,500.

During his walkout ceremony, Jason Caputo, a Queens detective who recently left the force after 18 years of service, stated he “had enough,” adding he cannot do the same job further.

He also noted that this was no longer the same job that he joined.

The Queens detective specifically lambasted the progressive policies of the lawmakers, which are not seeking lockups even for dangerous criminals.

According to Caputo, even a person convicted of second-degree assault ends up roaming the streets freely.

In addition to that, he also scrutinized laws that are harsher on police officers rather than on criminals.

He said he was even afraid of making an arrest, due to the presence of too many laws that can push police officers into trouble for small procedural discrepancies.

Progressive Policies Putting Americans Lives in Danger

Another anonymous detective who is set to retire next month after 21 years of service also criticized the soft-hearted policies of the incumbent administration.

Reportedly, this anonymous detective made over 500 arrests, but now he thinks the laws no longer hold criminals accountable.

Similarly, another detective who has been serving in the Bronx since 2005 noted that she wants to resign immediately as the cases go nowhere even though detectives put so much hard work into them.

She mentioned that she deals with juveniles who always end up getting free from the courts just to repeat the same offenses again.

This wave of resignation is intensifying at a time when thefts, grand larceny, and break-ins into homes are increasing in the state, which will further strain the remaining force.

So, DiGiacomo believed politicians are not doing any favor to cops; they are more inclined towards criminals instead of the cops and the average New Yorker.

If the current police defunding spree continues, it is also likely to impact other parts of the country, which will make crime a new epidemic.

Many studies previously established that soft-on-crime policies only empower criminals, as they see no deterrence of the criminal justice system.