Pro-Abortion Terrorists Attack Politician in Washington

The leak of a potential overturning of Roe v. Wade from the Supreme Court happened about one month ago.

Since that time, the far left and their pro-abortion allies have been protesting outside SCOTUS and attacking those who support life.

We’ve all seen what the left does when it doesn’t get its way through “democracy” and the law. It simply starts breaking the law and whining all day.

Though the latest aggression has even their liberal and Democrat allies worried. Several pro-abortion individuals went too far and carried out a terrorist attack in Washington state.

What Happened?

Olympia, Washington is a quiet town located about one hour southwest of Seattle. Not a lot happens there, but around 4 a.m. yesterday, two individuals firebombed the headquarters of Washington state Rep. Andrew Barkis.

Barkis supports the right to life and opposes abortion in most cases. It is believed this is the motive behind the attack.

Surveillance cameras show two individuals walking to the office in the pitch dark, smashing the front entrance, and then throwing in an incendiary device of some kind. Nobody was in the office at the time.

It appears a lit flare was tossed inside. Luckily, the floors aren’t wood or the whole complex may have burned down.

This is far from an isolated incident. We’ve seen pro-abortion individuals physically attack and try to burn down five offices since the leak of the draft decision overturning Roe.

These people are domestic terrorists of the worst kind, responding to potential legal changes they dislike by trying to harm the lives and property of others.

Evidence Collected

According to reports, DNA traces were taken at the scene, so it’s possible we will soon know the identity of these abortion-supporting terrorists.

In addition to five arsons, we’ve seen dozens of serious threats against pro-life politicians.

Nick Roske was also recently arrested near the home of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, after traveling there from California with plans to kill the justice and possibly kidnap his family.

Our liberal media has turned a blind eye to this. They don’t care. Pro-life individuals and public figures are in danger right now because the left and their media allies set the mob after us.

It’s important for everyone to take caution and remain cognizant of threats and threatening individuals.

Democrats Encourage Violence

Washington State’s loony tunes, far left Governor Jay Inslee only put out a boilerplate statement after being hounded by neutral media.

His laws have made the Evergreen State a much worse place to live. His laws also caused crime to rise massively. The last thing he cares about is protecting the freedom and safety of those who disagree with his progressive views, especially on abortion.