Press Secretary Jen Psaki Insults Trump Supporters with Ridiculous Statements

Jen Psaki takes her job seriously as head White House press secretary. She never misses a chance to reinforce the Biden narrative and blame everything on former President Trump and his supporters.

The latest example came during a recent press conference when Psaki unloaded on Trump’s base, saying they are “lemmings” who will go down in history as traitors.

The answer came in response to a question about whether Biden believes he’s done enough to “unify” the country.

Psaki Pushes More Propaganda

Spoiler: Biden’s done nothing to unify the country. In fact, he’s done all he can to make the divide even worse through every method possible.

That’s why Psaki ignored the question about Biden not healing the divide and instead went on a typical rant against Trump supporters.

Referring to the January 6 riots, Psaki said Republicans who believe in the “Big Lie” the election was stolen will go down as traitors.

She said Trump tried to organize an “insurrection” and lawmakers and supporters who are OK with it will be seen in history books as the biggest losers in American history.

Lemmings are known to walk off cliffs and never think for themselves; so this is a pretty big insult from Psaki. It’s not what you say about your political opponents; it’s what you say about people you have no respect for.

The GOP vs Trump

The only GOP members present during the memorial about January 6 were Dick Cheney and his RINO daughter, Liz Cheney. They sat on the House floor to remember the event where Biden said “sacred” democracy was attacked.

Although every Republican, including Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, denounced the January 6 riots, the left won’t let up on it.

They want the GOP to turn on Trump and hopefully use this to bar Trump from ever running for office again. The words of Psaki are an obvious clue here; her point is to put anyone who still backs Trump into a corner.

Psaki and Biden want to start a GOP civil war and split off more people against Trump by using their false morality. What they don’t realize is nobody is buying it anymore; we see their sick game and how it’s played.

Bitter Memories

Remember the summer of 2020 when America was burning down and leftist politicians marched with BLM and Antifa in support? Remember how nobody was prosecuted for this and how our businesses closed down with no sympathy?

Yet, now, we should be sympathetic to the Democrats about January 6, despite the fact everyone who died that day was a Trump supporter?

These people truly have no shame; the latest comments of Psaki show just how low they are willing to go to dehumanize and spread hate about conservatives.