President Trump Supports Trucker Protests in USA

President Trump hasn’t been shy since being out of office. Despite getting kicked off all the major Big Tech platforms, he’s made his voice heard through press releases and media statements.

He’s also been doing rallies once again, where he provides inspiration for the America First movement. Although Trump has not announced yet whether he will run in 2024, Fox News host Sean Hannity said several months ago Trump told him it’s a sure thing.

In any case, Trump has been very vocal about the trucker protests going on in Canada. Now, he’s increasing the praise even further, and getting even harsher on Canadian leader Justin Trudeau.

Trump Slams Trudeau, Praises Truckers

In a rally over the weekend, Trump said the truckers are heroes who are standing up for freedom and fully supported by America First patriots. Speaking in Conroe, Texas, Trump said Canada’s truckers are showing the whole world what real bravery looks like.

Canada’s truckers started the protest from west to east after being told by Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau they wouldn’t be allowed to cross the border into the US without the COVID vaccine.

Now, Trudeau is in hiding; the truckers are occupying his capital city of Ottawa, shipping in food and supplies for a very long stay.

In a statement put out several days after his rally, Trump said Trudeau is a “far-left lunatic” who has tried to “destroy” Canada through COVID mandates. He says the USA needs to have a similar trucker freedom convoy that occupies DC.

Trump’s son, Don Jr., also said “more of this” needs to start happening in the United States. With a trucker convoy planned in the near future from California to DC, they will soon be in luck.

Standing Up to Biden’s ‘Ridiculous’ COVID Rules

Trump said it’s time for American truckers to also stand up to Biden’s “ridiculous” COVID rules. Imagine DC crowded with trunks and “honk! honk!” outside the White House until late at night.

Not only would it get the attention of the world, but it would also interrupt Biden’s naps and force him to get back on the job and actually start leading this country.

With the world on the brink of war and the economy staggering under inflation, Biden needs to start taking this seriously. The globalists pulling his strings and controlling him need to be shown the people have had enough.

The Bottom Line

Canada’s trucker protests are the start of a worldwide movement.

Trudeau is hinting that the military may be brought in. Meanwhile, crowdfunding site GoFundMe just robbed $9 million dollars from the truckers, but they’re not stopping.

America First patriots have a duty to stand up for freedom wherever it manifests. Let’s wish them luck.