President Trump Slams Biden’s Chaotic Afghan Withdrawal

President Trump is back. At a packed rally this weekend in Alabama, our favorite POTUS took on the Biden regime and left them stunned with humiliation. Trump called out every lie, every failure, and every piece of sickening propaganda out of the Biden brood.

It was glorious. Trump had no patience for Biden’s baloney, noting that Biden has “failed totally” on COVID, the border, and Afghanistan.

Trump Slams Biden’s ‘Gross Incompetence’

Speaking to the vast crowd, Trump hit hard at our current treasonous administration, calling the way that Afghanistan was left “gross incompetence.” Trump said that the way Biden botched Afghanistan is one of the most shocking failures in world history.

Trump went further, saying that even the tragic pullout of the United States from Vietnam in the 1970s is a “masterclass” in how to leave a warzone, compared to what’s happening now. Many comparisons have been made between Afghanistan and Vietnam, but the truth is more complicated.

Vietnam was more of a full defeat, but all Americans other than POWs were extracted and rescued. The Afghanistan crisis stems from a decision to leave, but instead of doing it right, thousands of Americans were left behind and there is no information on when they’ll be saved.

What Would Trump Have Done Instead?

Speaking at the Cullman, Alabama rally, Trump says his pullout from Afghanistan would have been much different. The Trump administration made very heavy penalties for the Taliban if they tried to get an attitude and take back over. Their plan also included not stranding thousands of Americans against terrorists.

As Trump said, all US forces should have remained in Afghanistan until US citizens were fully evacuated. Then you pull the forces out, obliterate America’s remaining bases with massive airstrikes, and leave the Taliban with a pile of dirt to work with instead of freshly supplied US weapons and humvees as Biden did.

Then, you say “bye-bye” Trump noted. Biden blames the Afghan army for not fighting harder; meanwhile, he ignores the fact that they lost over 66,000 soldiers during the war already and they saw the Taliban seizing American weapons.

How much more morale and fighting spirit would loyal Afghans have if they had seen the US completely obliterate any weapons from falling into Taliban hands?

Trump Calls Out ‘Failed President’ Biden

As Trump noted, Biden will forever be known as a “failed president.” Americans have no way to trust him or ever rely on his judgment again. He has turned Afghanistan over to China and abandoned our citizens and allies behind enemy lines.

Even Barack Obama looks better in comparison and that’s saying a lot, considering how terrible Obama was. This situation is Benghazi on steroids and God bless President Trump for telling it like it is.