President Trump Humiliates Woke General Mark Milley at Public Event

President Trump wasn’t a perfect president. Everyone admits that, but the one thing we Trump supporters will always stick to is this: Trump put America first and he truly cared about our country.

It might not sound like much, but it’s a heck of a lot more than the current man in office; it’s miles ahead of the former occupant Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump did his best, but one of the biggest things holding him back was incompetent and treasonous people inside his own administration.

One of the top ones was General Mark Milley, an Ivy League General who now heads the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Biden. Trump spoke over the weekend about his thoughts on Milley.

Trump Calls Milley a ‘F—ing Idiot’

Trump was holding a get-together at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida where he decided to openly share his feelings about his former top General Mark Milley. The Ivy League General repeatedly insulted and undercut Trump.

He even went behind Trump’s back to warn China about America’s military plans in the event of a war. Milley also made headlines when he bizarrely claimed top military recruits need to be learning about critical race theory (CRT) in order to understand the roots of “white rage” (whatever that is).

Milley is a Boston liberal who thrives in the think tank world and the armchair battlefield. On Saturday, Trump unleashed on him, calling Milley a “f—ing idiot.” Trump said it became clear to him that Milley was stupid during discussions about Afghanistan.

What Happened in Afghanistan?

Biden failed big time in Afghanistan, leaving behind a government and Afghan military that literally collapsed in two days. He stranded thousands of Americans behind enemy lines and let the US get vastly humiliated in front of the whole world.

Biden also left behind $83 billion dollars of training and extremely lethal military equipment for terrorists to use. During Trump’s term, things were different.

Trump wanted to leave Afghanistan the right way: with a huge punishment if the Taliban stepped out of line. He also wanted to get our valuable and deadly military equipment out.

However, Milley didn’t agree. He said it was too expensive. Trump asked why they couldn’t drive the humvees and other equipment out to a neighboring ally or onto a cargo plane to head back stateside.

Milley said it cost too much, which was when Trump said he noticed that Milley was genuinely “f—ing stupid.”

Trump is Right

Whether or not you like his language, Trump is right. The US bulked up Afghan forces and government for two decades with over $83 billion in equipment.

Then, Biden handed it over to medieval head-choppers. Part of the reason was idiots and woke armchair generals, like Milley. He deserves this criticism and more.