Potential School Shooter in California Almost Walks Away Without Charges!

As it turns out, threatening to shoot up a school and carrying firearms is no longer a criminal offense, at least not according to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. He nearly let a teen with these charges walk away unscathed.

As it turns out, the unnamed suspect was arrested while having two stolen pistols on his person, paired up with body armor and magazines that he was planning on unloading at a school.

Gascon’s office almost sets a criminal free once more

Bell Gardens police confirmed Gascon’s office rejected the case, claiming additional info was necessary regarding the threat as if loaded firearms weren’t enough to form a case.

Thankfully, Bell Gardens Police Chief Scott Fairfield was clever enough to demand a second review of the case, contacting Gascon’s office once more and allowing him to address any inconsistencies with the DA.

Immediately after, the office filed three separate felony charges against the supposed school shooter, among which were carrying a loaded firearm and being within 1000 feet of a school with said firearm.

Police Chief Fairfield provided a follow-up statement on the case, assuring that the Bell Gardens PD is dedicated to preserving the safety of students, school staff, and everyone in the community.

Dozens of lost lives are on George Gascon’s conscious…if he has one

In response to the initial review of the case, LA Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami stated as long as Gascon’s in power, the city of Los Angeles will not have justice or peace.

He added Gascon has a track record of refusing to prosecute juveniles carrying firearms, which is a clear demonstration of how faulty and backward California’s justice system really is.

What’s more, this incident that was narrowly avoided came only twoweeks after a Newhall shooting resulted in two deaths, one of which was a 16-year-old.

Hatami continued with the criticism of Gascon’s work, claiming his policies have hurt both the juvenile and the public.

This is reflected by the fact that the Newhall shooter was previously arrested for possession of a firearm, only to avoid prosecution just like the majority of cases Gascon refuses to take on.

If you look deeper into this case, you’ll find that Gascon’s office declined prosecution against the 18-year-old, due to a blanket policy that avoids gun charges for juveniles, which is neither progressive nor a reform.

If this keeps up, people will continue to die. Someone will have to be held accountable for it, whether it’s the person pulling the trigger or the one who allowed him to be in the position to commit such a gruesome act.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.